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Report Google: the car parts search grows in the web

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Google presented in his local offices a study on the automotive industry that reveals the growth of the Internet use on the part of the users at the time of looking and choosing motorcars and associate products.

The study realized by Netpop Research and presented by the president of the signature Josh Crandall, was shared by the principal self-propelled ones and local companies related to the industry. The information was gathered in form online with field work during April and the investigation was realized taking into consideration buyers of cars new and used in 16 countries.

The investigation of Google on “The Internet Roll in the Buy of Motorcars”, revealed some conclusions on the Internet use on the domestic market:

- 37 % of the consumers is loyal to a mark. While 50 % is switchers and finally 13 % is new on the market.

- Only 36 % buys based on the first mark that was taken in consideration in the buy process.

- 38 % of the users initiates the investigation in the frame of the process of buy across Internet, while 36 % does it across concessionaires

- 64 % uses Internet for the motorcars search; 88 % of these uses engines of search (Google as search engine was valued by 91 % of the interrogated persons).

- 46 % of the consumers declared not to use the places of self-propelled for having had an unsatisfactory experience in the past, principally due to the limits as for general information and on prices.

Also, during the meeting there offered some information and statisticians who realize of the magnitude of the market of searches of products of the automotive industry. The person in charge of this segment was Sara Garrido, specialist in the railcars vertical one inside the local head office of the company.

- 116 thousand daily searches related to motorcars in Google Argentina

- The motorcars search in Google is growing 30 % comparing what goes of the year 2009 with the same period of the previous year.

- The growth from January, 2007 until July, 2009 reaches 171 %.

- The biggest searches quantity inside the self-propelled category, is faced to the buy of cars, which 30 % of the whole reaches. Continued by 22 % of car parts, 14 % of motorbikes and 12 % of special vehicles.

The impressions of the self-propelled category inside Google grew 79 % in the first semester of 2009.

Source: It presses Google

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