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Volkswagen announced the merger with Porsche

Written for admin • July 27th, 2009 • Category: Companies, Last News, Volkswagen

This week there promised to be a new agreement and a new merger between two big self-propelled Germans as VW and Porsche. In this case Volkswagen AG he announced that he acquires the Porsche totality by means of a merger, although he will respect the autonomy of the mark of the sports Germans.
All this is to counterhand of what had happening [...]

Renault Argentina announces a plan of investments of $ 500 millions

Written for admin • July 7th, 2009 • Category: Companies, Renault, Last News

The project includes the manufacture of a new model and the modernization of his industrial plant of the Province of Cordova between 2009 and 2011.
The plan of investments that Renault will develop Argentina comprises $ 335 millions for the manufacture of a new model and $ 165 millions for the modernization of his industrial plant and his means [...]

The alliance Renault-Nissan is deepened

Written for admin • May 31st, 2009 • Category: Companies, Renault, Last News

From 1999, Renault and Nissan have developed an alliance that has created a significant value for two companies. The achievements include platforms and shared engines, cooperation with regard to high technologies, standardization of methods of manufacture, expansion of the scale of products and the expansion of the fame of every mark. The joint sales of [...]

Celebration of the national day of the self-propelled repuestero

Written for admin • May 3rd, 2009 • Category: Car parts, Companies

The Merchants' Chamber in Stores of the Railcar - C.C.R.A. - celebrated last Tuesday, the 28th of April the national day of the self-propelled repuestero. At the event 150 guests were present between manufacturers, distributors and merchants of the sector. During the dinner there was a show of magic and humor protected by the signature Chajá, and drawings were realized between [...]

FIRA 2009, with free and free entry

Written for admin • April 26th, 2009 • Category: Car parts, Companies, International Lounges, Last News

FACRA, Federation Argentina of Chambers of Rectifiers and AFYDREM, Association Manufacturer of Stores Engine, announces the achievement of the 7th edition of FIRA, the International Fair of Machines, Stores, Competition and Inputs for the Reconstruction of the most important Engine of Latin America. The same one will be carried out from November 12 until November 14, 2009, in [...]

Velveteen presented to itself the arrival of Fric-Rot to Autopieces

Written for admin • April 12th, 2009 • Category: Car parts, Companies, Last News

Last Monday, the 6th of April, Autopieces Velveteen it presented in an official way the incorporation of the products Fric-Rot and Monroe. The event was carried out in the lounge of conventions of the above mentioned distributor quilmeña, to which there attended sellers of the whole country, average of press and authorities of both companies.

Chery plans a big investment in Argentina

Written for admin • Sea 29th, 2009 • Category: Companies, Imported, Last News

Almost it has been one year since the Chinese company Chery settled in the country, to produce his model Tiggo, who was very well got by the local public, after whom the entire world was giving his approval.
Now Chery brings an innovation that of course will be very good news for all and the fact is that he waits [...]

The cheapest car might take place in the Mercosur

Written for admin • Sea 29th, 2009 • Category: Companies, Last News

The most economic vehicle of the world is a compact one of four squares and five doors deep it cost, that in the India it has a value lower than 2500 dollars, since for the devaluation that suffered this country the final cost of this car is 1900 dollars, but the European means foresee that [...]

Citroën is reinvented and presents a new products line

Written for adminFeb 15th, 2009 • Category: Citroen, Companies, Last News

New visual identity, new relation with the clients, new products line: at the age of 90, CITROËN opens a new page of his history. CITROËN presented on February 5 of past his new Mark dynamics on a global scale, his new identity. In a wink to the history, the day ago of birth [...]

I match between Fiat and Chrysler for a global strategy

Written for adminEne 25th, 2009 • Category: Companies, Fiat, Imported, Last News

ROME. - The self-propelled Italian Fiat and the North American giant Chrysler sealed an agreement to create a global strategic alliance. According to this one, the house of Turin will remain with an initial quota of 35 % of the company nortereamericana, in an alliance that he does not foresee that Fiat has to do no investment to counted in Chrysler, not [...]

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