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The first official images of Chevrolet Agile

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The throwing of Chevrolet Ágile foreseen for the last trimester of 2009, it was conceived from the beginning to satisfy the needs for a compact, versatile car and with big design.

“The Ágile goes beyond a traditional hatchback. Our task was to realize a vehicle for a demanding client. Big design, interior space and an aspect of crossover, that is to say, a car that versatility should 'perspire' to attract different clients from an urban public up to a surfista or that one that adores the field”, affirms Carlos Barba, general manager of Design of GM Mercosur.

The Ágile is provided with the new visual identity of Chevrolet, with two earnings well marked in the front that converge on the golden logo of the mark. Internally, a high quality perception with an innovative design they award modernity while in the panel a perfect harmonization of his sets of instruments comes together.

Chevrolet Ágile was developed taking a point as a starting point H raised, that is to say, higher all that is this point, a better handling position is obtained. “It is a car full of youth and with a design that is going to surprise”, mentions Carlos Barba.

“Our Plant in Rosary is transforming for the arrival of the Ágile. We already install new robots and have given training to our operators to assure his safety and the quality of the vehicles, in order to initiate in a successful way the production of this model in the country”, mentioned Miguel Peinador García, the director of Manufacture of GM on Argentina.

The Ágile comes to complement the line Chevrolet at present shaped by the models Corsa, Spark, Aveo, Astra, Meriva, Vectra, Zafira, Blazer, Captiva, S10 and Corvette.

From an architecture destined initially for Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay, Chevrolet Ágile, is the first vehicle of the Living platform, 100 % developed in the Center of Design of GM Mercosur.

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