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Test ends of new Chevrolet Ágile

For admin · 12.08.09 · Category: Chevrolet, Last News 290 h=x testagile Test ends of new Chevrolet Ágile

The area of Engineering of GM Mercosur is applying to the maximum the present technology in the laboratories and the software of testing. For his ratification, Chevrolet Ágile is facing intense tests with global GM processes.

During the execution of the final lines of design, the Product engineering department developed digitalmente, with the use of the hardware of the program CAD, a project of pieces and systems of the vehicle that were used in the prototypes and validated virtually and physically. It is a question of a meticulous work that goes from the smallest component of the vehicle up to the finished structure, in order to guarantee the quality, functionality and durability from the conception of the piece.

In the virtual phase, the realized tests were in charge of the department VSAS (Initials in English of Simulation, Analysis and Synthesis of the Vehicle). For Chevrolet Ágile more than 1.900 analyses were realized in all the engineering disciplines throughout more than 2 years of work that implied virtual activities of transport safety, noises and vibrations, aerodinamia, structure and durability, electricity company and electronics, transport dynamics, refrigeration and temperature, which have served as parameter real for the test and the evolution of the product in the last months.

With regard to the test real, realized to guarantee the ratification of the vehicle (final Chevrolet requisite so that the vehicle could be produced and commercialized on the market), the Ágile happened for an intense testings quantity, to guarantee a sure, comfortable, reliable vehicle and with quality Chevrolet.

“For the ratification of the components, transport safety, durability, bodywork, brakes, acoustics and vibration, we are rolling 150 units of Chevrolet Ágile more than 1 million kilometers of tests between finished and partially mounted vehicles” there affirmed Pedro Manuchakian, vice-president of Engineering of Product of GM Mercosur.

“It is very important for us that our Chevrolet Ágile keeps on fulfilling successfully the different ratification phases with this intensive program of test virtual and real to deliver to our client an integral product with big quality”, mentioned Edgardo Cohen, manager of Planning of Product in Plant on Rosary.

As example, in the components ratification, 9.000 pieces were submitted to 3.000 tests for certification, following global criteria. On the subject of safety, 20 vehicles will spend for diverse impact test in the laboratory of the field of tests of GM Mercosur located in Cruz Alta, Brazil. For the test of brakes of Chevrolet Ágile there was used a new track of granite known as “Black Lake“, in the heart of Cruz Alta who in last July fulfilled 35 years.

Chevrolet Ágile was constructed from the Living architecture, he proved of the evolution of diverse architectures used in compact vehicles for emergent markets.

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