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New version of Chevrolet Vectra

For admin · 31.05.09 · Category: Chevrolet, Restyling, Last News 243 h=x vectra New version of Chevrolet Vectra

General Motors presented on our market the renewed version of the line of Chevrolet Vectra, which is provided with an esthetic redesign and better equipment of comfort and safety.

In the figure it incorporates new lighthouses, paragolpes and broiler, emblems Chevrolet in the front and trunk of the vehicle, light of draft incorporated in exterior mirrors, new rims and side frames and bars chromed in the windows. Inside it comes with upholstered renovations, CD removed with bluetooth, SD Card, MP3 and frontal auxiliary entry for device of portable audio, re-designed set of instruments and spaces microscope slide in doors and central console.

Chevrolet Vectra commercializes, from the middle of next June, in two bodyworks, 4 and 5 doors (GT) at three levels of equipment, GLS, CD and CD AT.

There are no changes in the propellents. The version GLS of the GT counts with the motorization naftera 2.0l 8v of 122 CV, while the rest of the scale offers the drive naftero 2.4 l 16v, that develops a potency of 146 horses. Both bodyworks are provided with a manual transmission of 5 marches and have a version of automatic box of 4 speeds. “Said motorizaciones III fulfill with the limits on pollutant emission Euro, with what the environment is protected”, they make sure in GM.

The commercialization prices for six versions that are offered range between $ 74.370 for the GT 2.0 GLS and $ 88.870 for the sedan 2.4 CDs AT. The guarantee is three years or 100.000 kilometers.

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