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New Hilux and SW4 of national production

For admin · 03.11.08 · Category: Gallery of images, Innovations, Toyota, Last News hilux2009 new Hilux and SW4 of national production

Toyota presented in Argentina new Hilux and SW4 of national production with an esthetic renewal and progress in the equipment. The pick up exhibits new paralgolpes, a modified broiler that adopted trapezoidal form, a re-designed optical group and new rims. In the side street the identifications were relocated in the later part of the box and the large door of this one incorporated lock in the versions double cabin.

As for equipment, the Hilux 2009 supports the levels DX, MR. and SRV. The last one incorporated a new board into lighting for LEDs, computer of on board with display digitalis in the top part of the panel of instruments, new flying multifunctionality of 4 beams, renewed carpeting of synthetic leather and automatic air-conditioner, between other minor changes.

For his part, the SW4 2009 differs more than before his sister pick up. It has a more robust new frontal broiler of trapezoidal form and the optical group also was restated. Also, the measurement of the tires increased to 265/65 with 17 inches renewed rims (earlier 16).

Inside the cockpit the big innovation is the incorporation of a third line of seats extending his capacity up to seven passengers. The second and third line they can be refuted creating 10 possible configurations and increase the capacity of the trunk to 1.000 liters.

His equipment received a new air conditioning system with more (rear) air exits, detail similar wood and aluminum, I equip of audio with loader for six CDs and breeding animal of MP3 integrated to the panel and new flying multifunctionality. The upholstered leather is an optional element in the manual version and of series in the automation.

Mechanically there keep on offering the engine 2.5 D4-D of 102 CV and 3.0 D4-D of 163 CV that collaborates to a manual box of five marches or an automation of four. Both the Hilux and the SW4 have a guarantee of 3 years or 100.000 kilometers.

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