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Volkswagen announced the merger with Porsche

For admin · 27.07.09 · Category: Companies, Last News, Volkswagen 276 h=x vwporsche Volkswagen announced the merger with Porsche

This week there promised to be a new agreement and a new merger between two big self-propelled Germans as VW and Porsche. In this case Volkswagen AG he announced that he acquires the Porsche totality by means of a merger, although he will respect the autonomy of the mark of the sports Germans.

All this is to counterhand of what had happening years earlier when Porsche went so far as to acquire 51 % of VW, although the global economic crisis did that the sale of luxurious cars and of sports cars was not supported, for what had to get rid of most of the assets. The same way they clarify that with the current merger two companies that keep on being fortresses, become even more big.

Also the authorities of the company affirmed that they are already employed as a whole at the manufacture of sports small cars and although for the time being the merger is not entire, it it will be with passing of the months, since first there will be a gradual participation of the company in Porsche, up to coming to the entire merger, as it happened when VW acquired Audi AG.

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