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Soul, the new thing of Kia Argentina

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Kia Argentina presented on our market the Soul, flaming model with a compact, modern design faced to a young public, and who stands out for being a different vehicle, for what it will fight in the segment in which Cruiser and New Beetle find cars like the MINI, the Fiat 500, the PT.

The Soul, which was conceived in the United States, is made in Gwangju, South Korea. It is a work of the new designer it covers with stars of the company, Peter Schreyer, who explained: "This motorcar turns around the idea of the creation of a model that demonstrates our passion for the design of the motorcar, wakes up interest in Kia and generates an irresistible attraction for the clients, which is reflected in many sales”.

The new urban crossover measures 4,10 meters long, 1,78 wide and 1,61 high, with a distance between 2,55 meters axes.

For the time being it will only be offered by an engine naftero of 1.6 liters, 124 horses, associated with a manual transmission of five speeds. According to information delivered by the mark, it develops a maximum speed of 177 km/h, an acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h of 11 seconds and a 7,9 liters urban consumption every 100 kilometers, It is free in three levels of equipment (Classic, Pop and Rock), at a price that will go of the 22.900 to 30.900 dollars, with VAT included and a guarantee of three years or 100.000 kilometers.

The new Soul has good interior capacity and a very good team of series, with elements like earnings for USB, cable for iPod, eight speakers, with amplifier and subwoofer, and an iPod Touch of 8 GB in the most equipped version.

In the safety sector it includes nine airbags, system of brakes ABS, control of stability (ESP), control of haulage (TCS) and active front headrests. Also it is provided with regression camera in the rear-view mirrow and sensor of parking. “The Soul comes to inaugurate a new segment in the Argentina. It is a product of niche and of level Premium, which aims at a public who will see in him the only characteristics that do not exist in other models of the Argentine market.

Also, other one of the principal innovations that offers the Soul is the variety of accessories that it offers to personalize it according to the profile of every client”, made sure Sebastián Dañil, manager of marketing of Kia. 281 h=x soul Soul, the new thing of Kia Argentina

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