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Megane II Sport, the sportsman of the family

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From June 12 Renault Mégane II, modality in the segment of the sedans, gained an exclusive limited series called "Sport". It offers an unpublished set of equipment that stresses the present sportsmanship in the design of Mégane II.

Available with the motorization naftera 2.0 16V of 138 cv, with manual box of 6 speeds the limited series Sport has all the attributes to conquer the admirers of the consecrated comfort, behavior and design of Mégane II.

New Mégane II Sport offers an exclusive equipment and a design that points to satisfy directly the needs of those buyers who look for a car with familiar vocation, big level of comfort and a much more sports appearance.

The sports look of this new limited series Sport was thought and designed in “Renault Design Latin America” – center of development installed in the region - and the front paragolpes is the same that equips European Renault Sport.

In his exterior the personalización of this new model thinks about how to heighten the present dynamism in the design of Mégane II. Made exclusively of color “Black Nacré” this new vehicle is provided with several exclusive elements: rear aileron and sports side tails produced in polypropylene that assure a high level of durability and a precise fixation that eliminates the noises produced by an incorrect laying.

Also there counts with rims of 16 inches alloy (Nervastella) gray color Dark Antracite, tires 205/55, side monograms Sport and exterior rear-view mirrows gray color Dark Antracite, to tone with the rims.

The exterior design received a look more aggressive that grants him the new front sports broiler and the same paragolpes that equip the sports version Mégane Sport RS that is commercialized in Europe. The front in his set possesses a big fog frontal entry and lighthouses that were covered towards the ends of the vehicle.

Inside they pay very much the attention the chrome details. The sophistication keeps on being one of the points emphasized from the line Mégane II. Silver tones similar aluminum are present in the gearshift, in the handles of the doors, in the central part of the panel, about the radio, in the handbrake, and in the sports pedalera. The knob of the gearshift and the frill are covered in leather. A detail that it characterizes to this limited edition the seams are in red color of the seats, the lever and the frill with chrome ring.

With the same young spirit, the limited series Sport is provided with the chromed hoops of the speedometer and of the tachometer and I remove with CD and Mp3. Also there is equipped with the system Audio Connection Box that includes auxiliary earnings for the audio devices connection, iPod and USB that can be controlled from the remote control located in the frill. Also it incorporates digital air-conditioner, sensor of rain and lights and panel in honeycomb pattern.

Mégane II Sport also counts with all the proper technological advances of the family Mégane II like card key for starter and opening of doors and tank of fuel (a double pressure on the button of "Closing" raises the glasses that had remained open), variable electrical direction that reduces the assistance as there increases the speed (frank conduction in high speeds, incomparable maneuverability in parking), audio control for the frill and electrical closing of doors in shooting (CAR).

Also it possesses important elements of safety as double frontal airbag, brakes to disc in 4 wheels with ABS and EBV (electronic distributor of braking), automatic beacons ignition in urgency braking between others.

Sportsmanship beyond the appearance
Equipped with the engine naftero F4R 2.0 16V, the version Sport develops 138 cv of potency to 5.500 rpm with a maximum torque of 19,2 kgm to 3.750 rpm. This engine of variable distribution, it offers a wide use status, it is economic and soft in low revolutions and it guarantees an always generous diet increase, without ruptures. In turn it is connected to a manual box of 6 speeds, which achieves a vibrations minimum and optimizes the acoustic comfort. The 6th opera as an overdrive diminishing the fuel consumption.

During June, like promotion of throwing this special version of Mégane II named Sport, will have a special bonus on the price of list of $ 4.000.

Synthesis of equipment of limited series Mégane II Sport:
• Conductive and passing adaptive frontal airbags
CAR (automatic closing in shooting)
• Front safety belts of 3 adjustable points in height with pretensionador and effort limiter
• Rear safety belts of 3 points, wings with effort limiter
• Automatic doors unfreezing in case of shock
• Brakes ABS with electronic distribution of braking (EBV)
• Card key for starter, opening and remote closing of glazing
• Seat of adjustable driver in height
• Electrical direction with variable assistance
• Automatic ignition of lights and of windshield wiper for sensor of light and rain
• Computer of on board
• Adjustable frill of 3 radioes in height and depth
• Exterior accompaniment lighting “Follow me home
• Projectors fog front
• Exterior rear-view mirrors with electrical command
• Automatic air-conditioner
• Front Levantavidrios and electrical bottoms, with function impulsion and system anti-pinzamiento
• I remove CD and Mp3 with command satelital and display separatedly
• Audio connection box
• Exterior rear-view mirrows gray color Dark anthracite
• Rims of aluminum Nervastella of 16 ″ gray color Dark anthracite
• Front Paragolpes Renault Sport
• Side tails and aileron sport
• Side monograms Sport
• Upholstered seats exclusive in cloth gray harmony and red seam
• Frill covered in leather, with red seam
• Aluminum Pedalera
• Textile Cubrealfombras Sport

List price:

Mégane II Sport: $ 79.300.-
Discounted price: $ 75.300.-

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