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The 90 came Fiat 500

For admin · 25.05.09 · Category: Fiat, Last News 241 h=x fiat500 Came the 90 Fiat 500

For the throwing of the Fiat 500 in the Argentina, the branch of the Italian signature realized a limited edition of 90 units with special equipment and that 90 alludes to to ° Anniversary of the company Fiat in the country (numbered from the 1 to 90 and all in pearly white color).

After the campaign starting, Fiat initiated in these days the process of delivery of the new Fiat 500 “Edition 90 Years” in the head office Stile Italy, in the Recova of the street Inn, space in which at present the Cinquecento and the Line is exhibited.

To add up touch to his limited edition, with the delivery of the unit, the clients of the “Edition 90 years” receive a silver reply in miniature of the model, realized by the main goldsmith Juan Carlos Pallarols, who has recorded to hand the number of the car chosen by the proprietor.

The new Fiat 500 that arrives to the country has the following series equipment: Engine 1.4 16v 100 CV; system Blue and Me; electrical solar roof; alloy rims; computer of on board; 7 airbags; brakes to disc in 4 wheels with ABS; electrical rear-view mirrows; frill in leather with radio commands; air conditioning; I remove CD with MP3, and lighthouses fog, between the most out-standing items.

Also, it counts with a guarantee of 3 years ó 100.000 km.

Also, the “Edition Annual 90” it is provided with a special equipment composed by rims of alloy with exclusive design; brake tweezers red color; 90 tackles ° Anniversary numbered; pedalera of aluminum and stickers adhesives in the wings.

Source: Tiempomotor

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