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New technology in Ford's scale

For admin · 22.03.09 · Category: Ford, Technology, Last News 205 h=x mycon New technology in Ford's scale

Ford Argentina incorporated into the equipment of the models Ka, Holiday, Holiday Max, Ecosport and Ranger the new system of audio, named My Connection, a device of technology of connectivity.

This system includes Bluetooth, ports of connection USB and iPod and technology of radio RDS.

The function Bluetooth connects cell phones with the audio system, what makes possible to realize and to receive calls or to cover the agenda from the team of sound. Like innovation, also it allows to connect devices route Bluetooth for the audio transmission, without having to connect any cable.

Thanks to the ports of iPod connection and USB of the new system, it is possible to reproduce music. In both cases, all the control panel of the audio is realized from the radio.

The technology RDS (I remove Byline System) allows to visualize additional information to the transmissions of FM. This way, the radio informs the user the name of the song or the type of program that is transmitted.

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