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Innovative digital campaign to throw the Fiat Line

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Fiat helped for the throwing of the Line in Argentina, a digital action of “Developing Reality” developed by the agency Leo Burnett, turning this way into the first self-propelled terminal taken root in the country that uses this new technology.

The same one consists of the reading of a code printed by means of a web camerawoman that detects the pattern then to reproduce the virtual image of the product in the environment that is focused the web camera, be already in a house, an office or any place. This technology allows the user to have an almost real experience with the product rolling on his office, desk or entertainments.

This way the Internet user observes that a virtual image in 3D interacts with the product of a playful and novel form. “The developing reality” allows to show the outstanding characteristics of a product of a more nearby way generating major remembrance.

This Know how is an important part of the integral campaign that, under the concept “we reinvent our cars” it developed the agency Leo Burnett for Fiat. The campaign that it included of the site and graphic piece, a new commercial of TV, which in an epic tone thinks about how to show the birth of a new category of vehicle of the mark.

This campaign is a strong Fiat bet for his new model of high scale Fiat Line, which stands out for his modern and sophisticated design, and which comes to complete the renewed scale of products of the Italian mark.

This technology can know each other visiting the site:

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