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New system for the Fiat engines

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The engines are the soul of the cars and without them they might not work, for this motive every day they are perfected more and extract innovations so that they save fuel, give more potency or do not contaminate the ambience.

In this case the Italian Fiat will extract a new system called MultiAir that is a modern technology by means of which the engine will win in potency and also it will reduce very much the pollutant emission. In the first stage it will only be free for the engines to naphtha, although then probably they join it to the diesel.

The form is what it changes into the MultiAir since it will incorporate a new base and inside the same one there will only be a tree with a double number of levies that do that a few actuadores electrohidraúlicos change the admission.

The average saving for the engine is 10 % for the most powerful versions and 25 % for those more conventional. The potency will increase in 10 % and it lowers very much the contamination that generates the engine because not burned hydrocarbons reduce in 40 % and one 60& the nitrogen oxides.

The premiere of the Multiair will be done at the end of this year when the Alpha Myth makes début in Europe and it will be present in an engine of inhaled 1.4 and turboalimentado.

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