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Last week then that the failure of self-propelled General Motors was known, it was known that the Government of Argentina, it will contribute funds of the ANSES for the company GM so that it is possible to construct the future Chevrolet Viva that will be done in this territory for end of year.

For this motive the President of the Nation confirmed that to encourage the production and the work loans will be done to the company so that it could make the car and this way keep on having work to realize, beyond that it is had in this moment. Also it sets off in the agreement by which it is financed by silver of the ANSES the fact is that all the cars must have national car parts.

As compensation of this the GM spokesman for Latin America, Bernardo García, confirmed that in the manufacture of Alive many local car parts, like that will use retroalimenta the industry and affirmed that the idea is that the car has entirely national car parts. Also also he said that one asks the autopartistas the prices to be competitive this way to be able to buy national industry.

Source: Edicts Clarion

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