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For admin · 21.12.08 · Category: Car parts, Last News car parts Impel the national car parts manufacture

The Department of the Production regulated the Law of Car parts (26.393/08), which intention is to impel the car parts manufacture with low or void production in the country, like those of engines and gearboxes. The benefits consist of reinstatements that the State will grant to the self-propelled terminals for the buy of local goods to companies of Argentine car parts. The reinstatements system will be for a period of three years and the terminals will receive in every year 8 %, 7 % and 6 % on the purchasing power of the pieces.

In case of the companies that produce engines and change boxes, the benefit will spread for five years, with a reinstatement of 10 % in the first year, which is going down up to 6 % in the last year. It serves for local productive platforms, and also of the Mercosur.

Source: Newspaper Clarion

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