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Bosch, world leader in self-propelled technology, threw in Argentina the first Program of Training at Distance on Self-propelled Car parts and Systems: Super Professionals Bosch.

Across the portal Bosch it offers a series of on-line trainings with the target to qualify of free form in the moment and place in which he wishes one. With audio-visual resources of advanced and big interaction, the company thinks about how to qualify on the benefits of his products, systems and new technologies,

At present, it is provided with a Corpus Christi of 17 finished courses that go from the installation of a battery up to the finished functioning of a system of electronic injection.

These courses are dynamic and interactive since they are provided with photos, videos and animations that are illustrating and guiding every stage. Also, every level complements itself with practical exercises that facilitate learning for the final examination.

A Help Desk counts the program with other benefits like for advice, bibliography of support, self-propelled news on the market place and printable certificates for every course.

The technological advances are very rapid and they demand that the professional training for those who are employed at the sector should be constant, because the pieces and systems are in permanent development. Thinking about that, Bosch created the innovative courses portal over a distance Super Professionals, which will help the professionals of the sector to add a value added to his business.

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