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Ford invests to incorporate more Argentine car parts

For admin · 31.05.09 · Category: Car parts, Ford, Last News 245 h=x focus Ford invests to incorporate more Argentine car parts

A few months it before the production of new Ford Focus in his Plant General Pacheco of the Province of Buenos Aires, Ford has intensified the process of replacement of parts imported on parts produced in our country for local providers to be used in the manufacture of this motorcar.

In this way it has already approved $ 22 millions in weight of incremental investment that are in full development process for the toolkit construction for the replacement of 55 parts imported that Argentinians have been assigned to 14 autopartistas.

New Ford Focus is a model of tall technology who presented before herself in Argentina to a few months of being presented in Europe, being Argentina the only country of America in producing it.

The local autopartistas will share with the Europeans the high technology and the levels of top quality that this vehicle demands.

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