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Chery plans a big investment in Argentina

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Almost it has been one year since the Chinese company Chery settled in the country, to produce his model Tiggo, who was very well got by the local public, after whom the entire world was giving his approval.

Now Chery brings an innovation that of course will be very good news for all and the fact is that he hopes to invest 500 million dollars in a plant to make cars in the province of the Nunchaku. The idea of the Chinese is that the plant chaqueña produces about 150.000 vehicles per year and this way to supply to the internal market and to export about 70 % of the whole from here.

Also it means that many jobs will be generated and what Chery tries it is the production of a Tiggo 4×4, a version with automatic box of the Tiggo 4×2 and the import from China of the QQ3 and the QQ6.

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