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The cheapest car might take place in the Mercosur

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The most economic vehicle of the world is a compact one of four squares and five doors deep it cost, that in the India it has a value lower than 2500 dollars, since for the devaluation that suffered this country the final cost of this car is 1900 dollars, but the European means foresee that this vehicle will come to the concessionaires of this market to a value for 4000 euros, since, although basically it is a question of the same vehicle, it will be something longer and wide, and with an exterior aspect lightly differently, with one more interior according to the European levels of quality and more equipment like, for example, electrical power steering, system of brakes with ABS and front airbags.

The original model has a 2998 mm length (290 mm less than the one that will go to them bought Europeans), 1510 of breadth, 1600 of high place and a distance between axes of 2230.

The motorization also will be different as it is commercialized in Europe or in the emergent countries. For the above mentioned an engine has been chosen naftero of 2 cylinders of 623 cc, that delivers 30 horsepowers and that is associated with a manual gearbox of four speeds, and according to information delivered by the manufacturer, a maximum speed of 110 km/h and an average consumption of 4 litros/100 km.

Compact East is provided with a system of brakes to disc and drum, does not possess power steering and, in the interior Spartan, account with the basic information instruments like the indicator of fuel, speedometer and light.

The Friend destined for Europe will have an engine of 3 cylinders of 1.0 liters of cylinder capacity and system of electronic injection multipoint, which delivers a potency of 45 CV.

Of the transmission one entrusts an automatic box of five speeds. The information of the consumption, which the manufacturer gave, is those of an average of 4,2 l/100 km.

Will we see it on our market? There are several rumors on this matter. At the beginning of last year there leaked out news arisen straight from the president of the Indian group Tata, Ratan Tata, which revealed intentions of making this citycar in the Argentina in collaboration with Fiat, by what there would be used the plant of Ferreyra, Cordova.

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