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Citroën is reinvented and presents a new products line

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New visual identity, new relation with the clients, new products line: at the age of 90, CITROËN opens a new page of his history. CITROËN presented on February 5 of past his new Mark dynamics on a global scale, his new identity. In a wink to the history, the day ago of birth of his founder.
CITROËN ARGENTINA along with other countries of Latin America will throw officially this new identity in the life of the Mark in the middle of April, 2009, joining this important moment that will renew the values of CITROËN.
In a difficult world economic context, but also in a change period as regards the use of a motorcar and of new relations between the consumers and the marks, CITROËN is not passive, CITROËN acts, CITROËN is reinvented.
A target: to continue with the dynamics generated by the success of new thrown products these ten years to give to the Mark CITROËN more value and this way to take and to support the scale.
CITROËN tackles a deep transformation of his identity, the renewal of the logo has been the starting point, since it is the first visible sign of the change. The chevrones remain from now on liberated of his frame and appear in three dimensions. They take relief and win in force and in material. The red one, like a bridge between the history and the future of CITROËN, is in the new typography of the name of Mark. A red one that evolves, deeper.
Today, CITROËN commits himself then with a project of global Mark: a new visual identity, new relations with his clients and a new line of self-propelled products.
In Latin America, this big moment of change and of renewal, it will come from April, where across different actions we will inform to the concessionaires' network and to the mass media the extract of this new strategy and of the values of the MARK CITROËN.

In the frame of the flaming identity of mark that CITROËN began to cover on a global scale and that will be thrown in Argentina and other countries of Latin America during April, a creative products strategy is part of this renewal.
The world will change, and will not change the same way for all. For it, Citroën will propose strategies product complementary, to answer all, anyone be his values, anyone is his ways of life, anyone be his means.
Like “one of the innovations” that presents this new strategy, the Mark presents “a new product line: the line DS.
This line of distinctive vehicles is characterized by a firm position in terms of style, dynamics and use. This firm position involves naturally an evaluation in price. But an evaluation that will keep on being a realist.
Objects of desire, accessible, which differ in his creativity, the intelligence of his design and the quality of his completions. Motorcars that give the best of Citroën. A line of products that raises the new spirit Citroën: "Créative Technologie”.

The concept car DS INSIDE is the first illustration of this new line of products.
This new line will be named DS and 3 models DS3, DS4 and DS5. A specific denomination, like the principal scale, generalizing the use of the letter C followed by a number, like the scale of monovolumes, using the signature Picasso.
DS was expressing in his moment and still express a new way of thinking the motorcar and the future. The Mark decided then to be nourished of his genes to reinforce the position of his new line of products and to unmelt the different mentality that inspires this name. DS: Different Spirit.

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