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Speedometers will go out to the market on digital screens

For admin · 25.05.09 · Category: Technology, Last News 240 h=x speedometer will Go out to the market speedometers on digital screens

The new generation of cars has almost everything changed one, from the doors, the tires, the esthetics and the forms, up to the interior control panel. Stereos with CD and MP3 up to electronic boards that offer all the possible information.

The innovation takes root in that the company Icon will be presented in the next days by the new generation of speedometers that they will come to equip to the modern vehicles. The project known as Icar, will be developed together with the company NVIDIA, which it consists of replacing to the current speedometers and similar control panel by digital screens in 3D, these being able to be personalized in a simple way.

Also these speedometers will allow to put on screen an enormous properties quantity opposite to the driver, which makes the art of driving simpler and also it will leave aside the current form of configuration of control panel, which are dispersed to have in only one digital device all the control panel, deciding which glance and which not.

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