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PSA and Bosch will develop hybrid technology diesel

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PSA Peugeot Citroën and Robert Bosch realized a strategic alliance for the development and technology supplying for vehicles of hybrid haulage diesel, conceived by PSA.

As part of the agreement, Bosch will provide the electrical engine, the alternator of high voltage and the electronic components that will control them. Also, Bosch will provide the specifications for the interface between the electrical and electronic components, the system anti-lock of brakes (ABS) and the electronic program of stability (ESP), to increase this way the energy recovery and to reduce significantly the emission of CO2.

The hybrid technology diesel is a key point in the strategy of environment of PSA Peugeot Citroën, and his development is the biggest challenge for the above mentioned company. With this end, it puts everything on his part to impel as rapidly as possible the market of hybrid cars in Europe, entrusting in Bosch - world leader in self-propelled technology - the supply of multiple pieces that is usually distributed between several providers.

For Bosch, the cooperation with PSA Peugeot Citroën offers an opportunity to develop and to introduce jointly powerful and competitive hybrid systems. For 30 years, Bosch has had experience in batteries, electronic direction and control of brakes, as well as the administration of the engine. Inside the Group Bosch, the experience of 370 companions met in the “hybrid project”, which proposal is to develop and to commercialize systems and components for hybrid and electrical vehicles.

As advance, the motorcars manufacturer French exhibited in the International Lounge of the Motorcar of Paris his hybrid prototypes diesel Peugeot Prologue and Citroën Hypnos, members of the family of hybrid models diesel of both marks that will come to the market in 2011.

Source: Press Bosch

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