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New generation of the airbag

Written for admin • October 5th, 2008 • Category: Car parts, Technology, Last News

It achieves a deployment of major protection and more rapid than the conventional one. It can be inflated during more time.
The last big innovation in technology to the service of the safety of the occupants of the motorcars comes from east. This time, it was the Deep Japanese mark with the surprise of the new generation of the airbag presented: the first one [...]

Tactile instruments panel and in 3D

Written for admin • September 7th, 2008 • Category: Car parts, Technology, Last News

Audi along with Futuremark, a company specializing in graphic computing, is in charge of the development of the piece of news interface graphic of the instruments panels.
An enormous tactile screen will dominate the new panels showing images in 2D and 3D more "friendly" with the driver, they show much more graphic all the possibilities of the system.
What is more [...]

Edicts impelled by compressed air

Written for adminAgo 24th, 2008 • Category: Technology, Last News

Air Car is one of the most important bets in till now slightly unknown segment of vehicles promoted by air comprimdo and, if everything continues as it is foreseen, it will be made across the Indian signature Tata up to a whole of 6.000 units for year and will be exported to more than 12 countries.
Designed [...]

The intelligent windshield

Written for adminAgo 3rd, 2008 • Category: Car parts, Technology, Last News

Under a tremendous thunderstorm or incredible rain, even more in conditions of very closed fog, the visibility can be void and the references of the way get lost. The specialists in road safety say, specifically, “that the most important points get lost in the route, which are the intermediate line of the way and the white line [...]

Stereo Blaupunkt, the maximum integration with the cell phone

Written for admin • June 16th, 2008 • Category: Technology, Last News

The new Hamburg MP68 of Blaupunkt stands out for his design and technology. The module integrated Bluetooth gets connected of wireless form with the mobile phone and his keyboard allows a comfortable and intuitive handling.
Blaupunkt, the mark specializing in Car Multimedia of the Group Bosch, he announced the throwing of the new stereo Hamburg MP68, which stands out [...]

The first car that works only with water

Written for admin • June 16th, 2008 • Category: Technology, Last News, Videos

An innovative Japanese company, called Genepax, has just presented a prototype of car capable of moving using like simple fuel water. The theoretical functioning of the vehicle is simple: it possesses a system capable of separating the hydrogen of the óxigeno of the water, producing electricity for the batteries from the same one.
Genepax has patented his propulsion system, [...]

New solution for blind spots

Written for admin • June 1st, 2008 • Category: Car parts, Technology, Last News

Different safety systems have tried to solve the problem of the dead angles and have brought very good results, but now there arises another system that goes out much more economic called ScopeOut who is designed by Sense Technologies, where a set of mirrors mounted in the rear glass of the motorcar helps you to detect the vehicles [...]

Audi: The Inventor of the Year

Written for admin • May 26th, 2008 • Category: Curiosities, Technology, Last News

The German Audi has just received the award Inventor of the Year 2008, thanks to his innovative technology Audi Space Frame (ASF).
This has been the third edition of the award that grants the European Office of Patents to the companies that have had ideas that suppose “significant contributions” for the economic growth and the European competitiveness.
The system [...]

The car that he parks to remote control

Written for admin • April 27th, 2008 • Category: Technology, Last News, Videos, Volkswagen

The ingenious Volkswagen minds decided that the system of assistance to the parking that we know was not sufficient, and this way they have announced a better solution: Park Assist Vision (PAV).
With this system, the vehicle can slide automatically on any available space, perform already parallel or perpendicular form. Even more, it is not even necessary to be [...]

Hydrogen batteries

Written for admin • April 13th, 2008 • Category: Technology, Last News

Hyundai is showing his interest in the environment and he announced that for 2010 it will throw vehicles that hydrogen batteries use to be promoted. The first models will be presented in 2010 and two years later there is had planned to produce approximately 10.000 annual units.
In the beginning, the fleet of "green" vehicles will be destined for countries that [...]

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