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The first car that works only with water

For admin · 16.06.08 · Category: Technology, Last News, Videos autoaagua The first car that works only with water

An innovative Japanese company, called Genepax, has just presented a prototype of car capable of moving using like simple fuel water. The theoretical functioning of the vehicle is simple: it possesses a system capable of separating the hydrogen of the óxigeno of the water, producing electricity for the batteries from the same one.

Genepax has patented his system of propulsion, named WES (Toilet Energy System). The key of the system is in Membrane Electrode Assembly (MEA)), proprietary technology of the company and capably of separating the hydrogen of the water molecules by means of chemical reactions. Therefore the only emission of the vehicle is a simple oxygen. The necessary water to feed the system can be residual, drinkable, or enclosed of sea. In the video one mentions that it is possible to make it work even with tea.

Separate curiosities, Genepax affirms that with one liter of water his prototype is capable of circulating for one hour at a 80 km / h speed The technology it is still in nappies and the current cost of producing the propulsion system for a vehicle is of a few 12.000€, making use of the economies of scale derived from the production in mass, the cost would go down up to a few reasonable 3.000€, little more than the current average propellents of internal combustion.

Video demonstration:

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