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Emotive celebration of the day of the child in the Foundation CCRA

For admin · 12.08.09 · Category: Community, Last News

On Saturday, the 8th of August the Foundation CCRA realized the celebration of the day of the child in the Welfare Center located in the Quarter The Manzanares, in Ituzaingó.

The host, the father Daniel Sa, along with the president of the Foundation, Alejandro Repetto, were grateful to the companies that collaborated and to the managers of the CCRA for making the celebration possible. 200 boys and 100 families shared an evening of gifts and games. The magic show, in charge of Nicolás Manosperta of the signature Hutchinson, was the moment of major enthusiasm for the boys.

The companies that collaborated: Indiel, Hutchinson, Cables Ferrazi, Quite Suspension, Mayrea, South Pieces, Doolz and Macro.

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