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A united project

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The Merchants' Chamber in Stores of the Railcar opened to the community more than 20 years ago the Foundation C.C.R.A., civil association without ends of lucre that does his biggest contributions to the Welfare Center located in the Quarter The Manzanares, in Ituzaingó.
The president of the institution Alejandro Repetto tells that “in his beginnings the Foundation was opening his dining room every day and was feeding him approximately 200 boys of the area”. Now, there works a different system, which makes the food delivery possible to the same families so that they could prepare it and share it in his hearths. This new system has “the end of encouraging the family sense, and of avoiding the eradication feeling”. fundacion2 A united project
The Father Daniel Eduardo Sa, in charge of the Chapel St Martin of Porres - located next to the Welfare Center - is who canalizes the received donations and is the one that designed this new system of help, which took place “thanks to a progress in the social situation of the community and consequently to a minor demand in the food assistance”. fundacion1 A united project

From 1998 an office works odontológico that offers primary health care and covers orthodontics devices. And recently there joined to the Foundation a medical pediatrician who will attend to boys up to 3 years. That's why he is installing to himself the office where it will be possible to attend soon to the patients who need it.

The donations that are received there come from companies of the sector autopartista, between distributors, manufacturers and houses of stores. And in turn the Merchants' Chamber in Stores of the Railcar destines a percentage of the quotas of his associates and of the utility of the dinner of fellowship for the institution. fundacion3 A united project

The Foundation presided previously by Manuel Paredes, Silvio Perezyk and Jose Luis Fernández, will be grateful for the help of all those who want to collaborate. To join this important project they can call to 4334-9154/9166 or to write to

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