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5008, the new compact monovolume of Peugeot

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With 5008, the mark of the lion has the ambition of establishing new references on the market of the compact monovolumes. With this innovation, Peugeot extends his market coverage in the segment M1 and it will do his world début in the next Frankfurt lounge.

After the crossover 3008, 5008 supposes the second offensive of the Gallic signature in the ceiling of the high vehicles of the segment M1. This compact monovolume of 5 or 7 squares constitutes a determinant offer that comes to reinforce the presence in the field of the familiar vehicles. Also, after 308 SW and the recent one 3008, 5008, with a 4,53 meters length and a height of 1,64 meters, will complete, in a natural way, this offer.

The wide windshield (1,70 m ²) it extends towards the enormous roof of crystal (1,69 m ²), one of the biggest of the scale Peugeot. This way, the passengers can make use of the generous luminosity of the cockpit and enjoy a panoramic sight. A proposal that there had already seen the Grand C4 Picasso of the cousins and that is named Monospace. In case of 5008, if there are added the side glazing, the crystal of care and the rear lens, the glazed surface comes even them: 5,77 m ².

With big modularity and space, 5008 it offers: the breadth at the level of the elbows is 1.476 mm in the front squares and 1.520 mm in the second line, with 3 individual seats of identical breadth. In the third line, where another two adults can make themselves comfortable, this measurement reaches 1.341 mm.

At level of exterior design, 5008 it differs in his balanced and particularly slender line. His aerodynamic design (Cx of 0,29 and Scx of 0,77) “resembles the trains of high speed and suggests fluency of lines and aptitudes ruteras of the first order”, they point out from the mark.

The porta baggage of 5008 offers a volume that ranges, according to the position of the seats deslizantes of the second line, between 758 and 823 liters (or from 579 to 678 dm3 according to the regulation VDA 210) always counting up to the salver of the porter and with the third folded seats line.

The capacity goes on to 1.274 liters when the whole available space is used up to the roof and can come to 2.506 liters when the second seats line swoops down.

Inside the comfort talent, 5008 there is provided with a system composed by two screens color of 7 " placed in the front headrests, a console of connection to which there can get connected any external team of audio or portable video (portable DVD, games consoles, video cameras) and two earphones wireless Bluetooth, ideal to support to the calm offspring in trajectory lengths.

As for safety systems and assistance it will come with information projection in the windshield (Head Up Display); Distance Alert that helps the driver to support the safe distance with the previous vehicle; Snow Motion is a system of control of intelligent haulage and curtain airbag for three seats lines is of series in the versions of 7 squares.

On the subject of safety it will bring also ESP of series, 6 airbags, brake of electrical and automatic parking with function “Help to the starter in earring”, witnesses of not done up of belts in all the squares, control of pressure of tires etc.

The scale of mechanics will be provided with six motorizaciones, that combine services with suppressed consumptions and low emission of CO2. At the moment of the throwing there will be two promoters nafteros of 1.6 liters of 120 and 156 CV, both Euro 5. In diésel there will be four variants, all with FAP, two 1.6 HDi of 110 CV and two 2.0 HDi of 150 and 163 CV Euro 5.

After the presentation in Frankfurt, the beginning of commercialization is foreseen in Europe during the fourth trimester of the year.

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