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The new of the Fiat One 2009

For admin · 08.02.09 · Category: Fiat, Restyling, Last News 174 320x240 uno09 The new of the Fiat One 2009

Fiat initiated the commercialization in Argentina of the model 2009 of One 1.3 Fire, which incorporates modifications in his exterior and interior aspect, and he adds new equipment.

Between the innovations that the new scale offers they stand out the availability of the power steering, of series in the version Way and like optional in the basic versions.

From now on, the versions in offer, there have an only one pack optionally, the "Comfort", for the basic versions of One Fire 1.3 (3 and 5 doors) and the proposal of the version One Way exclusively in 5 doors.

As for the interior and exterior aspect, the new scale distinguishes for the new red logo Fiat, a new ignition key black color, the new female cricket radiator black color, new integral adornments of wheel, tachometer, rear-view mirrows with internal command and renewed carpeting.

Optional "Pack Confort", it can be acquired by $ 4.800 and adds to the basic versions the air conditioning, power steering and radio AM/FM with MP3 and CD player (Daytona).

As scale ceiling, One offers himself Fire 1.3 Way 5 doors, which in the basic versions power steering, air conditioning, stereo adds to the present elements with MP3 and CD player, new side decorative strip Way, new carpeting and adornments of wheel Way.

In spite of the renewal and update of contents, the prices of the new Fiat One do not suffer modifications in his basic versions and stay as it continues:

- One 3p 1.3 Fire Base $ 31.800.

- One 5p 1.3 Fire Base $ 32.750.

- One 3p 1.3 Fire Pack Comfort $ 36.600.

- One 5p 1.3 Fire Pack Comfort $ 37.550.

- One 5p Way 1.3 Fire $ 38.300.

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