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Autoshow Summer 2008

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The most important avenues of the principal localities of the Atlantic coast are cornered by the automotive industry, which does of the beaches a real opencast autoshow. The actions of the marks, with free activities, are the following ones.

Audi: since for 10 years it is present in the Space Audi, in Cariló, where it shows the whole models line. As novelty for the Argentina esxhibirá the new Audi A5, which will be thrown in our country in the first trimester of 2008. The place is provided with air-conditioned ambience and place of reading with access to Internet WI-FI. The mark offers the possibility of realizing handling tests with instructors.

BMW: the actions center with MINI that Zero is in Top of the East, Pizza, The Bar, up to 31 of the current one. There, presenting the key together with the voucher sent opportunely by MINI Argentina, the clients of the mark will be able to enjoy a dinner for two persons. A MINI fleet will cover the streets of Top of the East, transporting passers-by and followers to the events of the period. On the other hand, BMW informed that until next February 10, two units BMW X3 Mobile Service, equipped with technology of last generation, will cover during 12 p.m. the Atlantic coast to offer assistance to vehicles in guarantee BMW (cars and motorbikes) and MINI.

Chevrolet: it is in Pinamar with a stand on the avenue Bunge and Jonas, with an exhibition emphasized from the recent throwings (Captiva, Vectra GT and Corvette). There will be two daily functions of a show in which there will be mixed the music, the stunt and the art. There is an area of accessories and other one to be noted down for the test drive. Also there will have presence in the state-run hotel The Limit, which will be a starting point for the classic passages to the dunes.
The mark also will be present in Top of the East, in the state-run hotels of Fox Sports and Mantra, in The Bar. For that they remain in Buenos Aires, Chevrolet will take part in the summer activities of Nordelta, which along with The Back room will be provided with a series of spectacles outdoors. There will be a stand and the possibility of proving the Captiva and the Vectra GT.

Citroën: In Pinamar, on Av. Bunge (to 300 meters of the rotunda of Av. Liberator) raises the stand of 1400 m2, in that it shows, in addition to all his scale of vehicles (with which it will be possible to do test drive), the C4 Picasso and the new Citroën C5 like avant première world. Also, in the center of the scene it exhibits the éxitoso Citroën C4, nominated by the press specialized like Better Edict Mercosur 2008. The target of the mark is to create an effect and impact in the competing ones. For that also a show has been foreseen movilizante and dynamic that will bring the Citroën evolution from his beginning.

Chrysler: the group of marks Chrysler, Jeep and Dodge possesses a stand in Bunge and Avda. of the Liberator, where Cruiser Cabrio exhibits the PT and 300 C. The family Jeep with new Grand Cherokee SRT8, the Limited diesel, the Wrangler 4 doors and the Compass. Dodge also exhibits Dodge Ram Laramie and SLT. The scale Jeep, also it will be exhibited in the state-run hotel Sport Beach, on The Border, with which handling tests will be realized.

Fiat: it will have presence in Pinamar, Mar del Plata and Cordova. The axis of the actions will be done around three products: Fiat Point, the new Siena 2008 and the scale Adventure. The exhibition will complement itself with tests of handling, shows and entertainments.

In Pinamar it will be in Bunge to Liberator's meters, where it will present a screen in height that will express innovations of the mark in the country and in Europe. Blaupunkt accompanies this presence on the exhibition of the innovations of transport equipment of audio and video. Fiat develops the activity Adventure in the state-run hotel Further away, in the km 1,2 of the area of the dunes of North Pinamar. There passages will be organized by the sand, cavalcades gone out in kayak, mountain bike and other recreational activities.

In Cariló the Fiat Point will be exhibited in his different versions in the Walk of the Victories. In Mar del Plata an exhibition was mounted in the complex Uncle Curzio, Avda. Columbus and Marine boulevard, where it is possible to realize handling tests.

Fiat Point will have his place in Sand Beach, in the rotunda of the lighthouse of the route N ° 11. The state-run hotel offers entertainments, relaxation, music and gastronomic alternatives. For those who cheer up to an excursion Adventure, in the Farm Santa Rosa (km 10,500 of the RN 226) will be able to do a full trip of natural difficulties to itself.

In Cordova, the Fiat Point and the new Siena 2008 are exhibited at the corner of the avenue Gral Paz and José Ingenieros, Town Carlos Paz, where the models can be proved. In Tequila, one of the most exclusive places of Top of the East, the Point also is present the whole period.

Ford: in Pinamar, Ford Off Road is in the already traditional corner of Bunge and Liberator and in the new base, of the state-run hotel The Dolphins, where it is necessary to note down to realize test drives with the vehicles 4×4 of the mark of the oval, between that new EcoSport stands out. In the stand the renewed scale of cars is exhibited Ford and, between the innovations, the new one S Max and the new generation of the Ka. Handling tests are offered and it is invited to inform of the test drives 4×4 and a renewed passages proposal.

Sling: it is present in Pinamar and in Top of the East realizing different actions of promotion. In Pinamar it is in the state-run hotel CR, where he organizes sports activities for the families and test drives perms of the models of the mark. In Top of the East, Uruguay, it has presence in Kandi Ocean Bar (Stop 45 of The Bar), where it develops events with call of artists, sportsmen and special guests. Sling is the principal sponsor of Gallery Nights Top of the East, one of the more prestigious trips of art of Latin America. Since for seven periods, the self-propelled one accompanies the events of Dotto Models and is present with his scale of vehicles in The Fountain and in The Crossing, in José Ignacio (route 10, km 183), where on January 8 a spectacular fashions parade will be done.

Hyundai: it is in Pinamar, in restaurant Status, showing his renewed products line. The attention is put in the new one i30, the piece of news H1 and, also, the Tucson and the Santa Fe. There is offered to all the users Hyundai a discount of 10 % by consumptions in the restaurant. The Korean mark also is, for the first time, in Top of the East, in the Sturgeon of Montoya, showing the Santa Fe and doing a throwing of the new compact sedan i30. All these actions with the models of the Agency Multitalent.

Kia: it is present in Pinamar with a stand of 950 m2 in The Copetín, Bunge, to Liberator's meters. There is exhibited the whole line of products of the mark (recently presented I Patrol, Rio, Cerato, New Opirus 3.8, and the line of 4×4 Sportage and Sorento, her minigoes Carnival and the sedan of high scale Magentis), which include the recent arrival of the Picanto 2008. Handling tests are offered of 4×4 (Sportage and Sorento), and also the presence in the stand of Martiniano Molina with free classes of kitchen for all the visitors.

Land Rover: it is in The Setai Club, in the last virgin area of José Ignacio, Top of the East. There is gastronomy of international level of the Master's degree Cheff Shaun Hergatt, with setting of Indonesian origin, beach access and bars of gulps. The last throwings appear, between them, the new motorization TDV8 for Range Rover Sport. Also, his clients have exclusive benefits.

Mercedes-Benz: a stand has inside the Golf Links Pinamar (avenue Shaw and Schooner Independence), where it exhibits the line of products (CLS, Class And, SLK, CLK, Class M, Class B, Viano and the novel Class C). In the place, there is offered the possibility of realizing tests of handling of the models Clase M, Class C and Class B.

In Top of the East, the mark of the star has a stand in the Stop 1 of The Meek one. Those who approach the stand can realize handling tests in the Class M, Class C and Class B. On the other hand, in Conrad Resort and Casino there is realized the prethrowing of the line AMG, where there show themselves the models CLS 63 AMG and the ML 63 AMG.

The mark is provided with a lounge deprived opposite to the port for special guests and clients, where it is possible to enjoy the best of an after beach. It is the first point of test of exclusive handling of the line AMG with the model SLK 55 AMG.

Mitsubishi: it is with Mitsubishi Beach, in the spa Port Banús, and in the state-run hotel UFO Point; there is exhibited the finished line of vehicles (Lancer, Outlander, L200 and Hunter). The Official Team is present from the 1st of January and test is realized drives for whom the models of the mark approach to know.

Nissan: in the Pinamar stand, in Of the Arts and avenue Bunge, the last innovations of the mark are; there is test drives of the flaming sedan Tiida and of the scale 4×4, Xtrail and the mythical Pathfinder. The handling tests (for urban circuits and in the dunes pinamarenses), in which also there is XTrail, XTerra and the special version of the pickup Frontier, in the stand of the avenue Kingfisher and Shaw.
Nissan initiates this year a relation with tante, restaurant and house of tea that offers a space at high level of warmth and service for the clients. As innovation for the summer, Nissan is going to take part as sponsor of the seventh Cup Kevingston Rugby Beach 2008, which will be carried out last weekend of this month in the Pinamar beaches.

Peugeot: the activity is realized in Pinamar. In his stand, Bunge and Of The Good Order, exhibits the scale of products that compose his offer 2008. As innovation there will be 206 Live (edition II with pack connectivity) and flaming Expert Tepeé, which will be thrown soon.

There is offered the possibility of realizing test drives. Those who approach the stand can take part in ingenuity games and compete for attractive awards of the Boutique Peugeot.

Also, celebrating 50 years of the mark in the country, an exhibition is realized with logos and photos of his history. For the smallest there is play station distributed in the stand.

In Cariló, Peugeot is again the principal sponsor of Cariló Golf, in which an exhibition of the family becomes 407. They are exhibited and three models can prove in TD 407 and different motorizaciones.

Renault: it is in Pinamar with a stand on the avenue Bunge, to meters of the avenue Liberator, where the scale of vehicles appears. Also, it is provided with presence in Cariló inside the shopping center of this city and, for the first time, it is in the restaurant The Trattoria, of Mar del Plata. It exhibits new Renault Sandero, Grand Scénic and Logan. Also, Mégane II Coupé Cabriolet is with the completely glazed roof, and the Mégane of TC2000 that they led during the period 2007 Guillermo Ortelli y Emiliano Spataro. For the day, in Shaw and Kingfisher, handling tests are organized.
In Mar del Plata, Renault does a static demonstration of the new Sandero. Also, both this model and the Logan can try on going out of the restaurant The Trattoria, agreed Peralta Ramos between Falucho and Gascon.

Seat: it is in Pinamar with a stand where there prove to be the models of the mark (León, Mallow, Toledo, Ibiza and Cordova), with which test is done drives. Additionally, and in tuning with the young spirit of the mark the night of Pinamar is anticipated. This month, Wednesdays, Friday and Saturdays, from 21.30, recognized DJ presents Ku Sesions, where earnings and discounts are offered to the discotheque Ku to clients and guests of the mark. Like innovation, CV and integral haulage presents to itself new Mallow Freetrack, a compact one with 200.

Subaru: it is in Cariló, in Walk Patio, on the avenue Divisadero, with the whole line of products (Impreza, Outback and Legacy) and offering test drives. Also the Japanese mark is present in Top of the East presenting the New Impreza 2008, in the restaurant Novecento, The Bar.

Toyota: it is in Pinamar and Miramar. In Pinamar, it has a stand, agreed Bunge and Simbad Sailor, while in Miramar it is in the route 11 and avenue Del Mar. In both locations, the company exhibits the models of the scale of vehicles, Camry, Corolla, Avensis, Hilux pickup, Hilux SW4, RAV4, Land Cruiser Meadow and Land Cruiser 200.

Like attraction, there will be exhibited in the stand of Pinamar the Corolla of TC 2000 that Norberto Fontana and Mariano Werner lead. The followers will be able to enjoy the todoterreno the Expedition 4×4, with the pickups Hilux and SW4.

As for the service of after-sales, the mark puts a technical service area at the service station ESSO of Interdunes, in the revenue to Pinamar. There will be offered to all the clients Toyota a service of maintenance and light mechanical repairs.

Volkswagen: it is in Pinamar with the official concessionaire of the mark, in a property of 1800 m2, one showroom with world corporate identification of 200 m2, in avenue Bunge and Shaw, where there are exhibited all the units of his different models. Those who wish it will be able to take contact with the recent throwings. Also it will be possible to appreciate the new Touareg, 4×4 of high scale of this company.

Volvo: in the inn Him Club, in The Bar, Top of the East. The signature will show, in addition to all his scale of models, the new ones V70 and XC70, that they will come to the Argentina in the next months. The models C30 and XC90 also will be circulating along the coast esteña with the staff of models of Ricardo Piñeiro.

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