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The expectation is that in a few years most of the cars and of the public transports that they inhabit in the world are ecological or hybrid such like his technical name it imposes it. Here in the Argentina also one is in favor of this idea and for this they developed the first hybrid group who will circulate along the City of Buenos Aires from half of year.

This group designed as a whole by the Agency of Environmental Protection of the City, the company TATSA and the National University of La Plata, will be 12 meters long and a quantity of 24 seats as any group. The idea is that it covers the Federal Capital and that preferably it joins the center of Buenos Aires. For this motive of course the line that has it will enter the center, although there is not known which will be but it is suspected that it can be a question of one of the Group Square.

The engine of this "ecobus" will work by means of electric power and also by means of thermal energy since it is composed by an engine that feeds to diesel and other that feeds on electricity. Whenever the group brakes the electrical engine it recovers and stores energies that it already spent in a so called batteries bank. This is thought for those areas where there is big transit quantity and the group must brake continuously.

Between the advantages most emphasized from this "ecobus" they are that: it covers the same distance with a lot of minor energy, the engine of combustion when it is stopped or to constant march it does not work, reduces the emission of poisonous gases in 75 % and for the short distances it is possible only to use the electrical engine.

Then it will be necessary to wait up to half of year to see as he is the hybrid group completely realized in the Argentina and how long it can go so far as to last.

Source: Clarion Edicts

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