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New Passat CC, a Coupé Comfort

For Manager · 14.09.09 · Category: Gallery of images, Innovations, Last News, Videos, Volkswagen

Volkswagen throws the Passat CC, a coupé with excellent comfort, services and design.

With more than 15 million sold units, the Passat represents one of the biggest successes in the history of the motorcar. Now, Volkswagen extends this scale adding to the versions Sedan and Variant a third dimension: the Passat CC. It is a question of the sports version of the family, which incorporates the concept Coupé Comfort.

This model offers himself in the Argentina with an engine naftero V6 FSI of 3.6 liters and 300 potency CV, with permanent integral haulage 4 Motion. It appears with a sequential transmission of double clutch DSG that makes a transmission possible especially rapidly, with major efficiency and excellent comfort of march.

Thanks to the most modern production technology, the new Passat CC offers the maximum protection. The bodywork absorbs the energy of the impact in programmed form protecting to the maximum the integrity of the cockpit.

The Passat CC counts at an excellent equipment level, including safety items, style, comfort and technology. Some of the most outstanding points of the model are, for example, the related ones to the comfort: air-conditioner bi-area, electrical seats of 12 positions with memory, computer of on board Bonus and panoramic solar roof, between other details. As for safety, 8 airbags, the electronic program of stability (ESP) and the lighthouses Bi-xenon with dynamic light for curves, are some examples of the finished equipment of the new Passat CC.

In user's profile terms, the Passat CC aims at an elegant, intelligent and dynamic consumer who looks for the exclusivity and sportsmanship of a coupé of high services and 4 doors do not resign the interior comfort of a luxurious sedan.

The Passat CC is provided with big space and comfort in his four squares. In addition to the practical and ergonomic qualities of the seats, his esthetic impression also contributes to the well-being sensation, while the revetments and materials of high quality believe a special ambience.

To the big comfort of the cockpit, there joins an excellent capacity of 452 liters trunk and a big facility of load (the function
“Praise Through” it allows, for example, to accommodate elements as you ski in spite of only refuting the armrest).

Source: Press VW

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