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FIRA 2009, with free and free entry

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FACRA, Federation Argentina of Chambers of Rectifiers and AFYDREM, Association Manufacturer of Stores Engine, announces the achievement of the 7th edition of FIRA, the International Fair of Machines, Stores, Competition and Inputs for the Reconstruction of the most important Engine of Latin America. The same one will be carried out from November 12 until November 14, 2009, in the Pavilion 5 of the “Center Coast Salguero”, located in Av. Side R.Obligado and J.Salguero, of this capital and it will be provided with more than 4.900 square meters of dimension. The above mentioned pavilion possesses proper beach of parking, auditoria for technical conferences and forums of rectifiers, sanitary ware, between other serviceability.

More than 120 companies of the sector, between Manufacturers and Distributors of Stores, Manufacturers of Machines of Rectification, Hardware, Measuring devices, Competition and all kinds of signatures involved in the reconstruction, repair, preparation and/or manufacture of the engine will say present in FIRA 2009. At present to 8 months of achievement is already sold in 70 %, his authorities are summoning the interested companies of the sector to take part of the fair across a space. Therefore, who should want to reserve his place will have to communicate to the Phones / Fax: 0351-4242696 / 4282192 ó for email: The fair has a page in Internet in

In this occasion, in addition to being able to enjoy rectification machines working, the last advances in stores, inputs, pieces for competition and the last technologies for the repairs, who visit FIRA 2009 will be able to take part also in a completely free way to international Forums referred to the Rectification, Days of Training, Chats on New Technologies, some of them directed especially to students of technical secondary schools, between others.

The entry will be Free and Free and they will be able only to enter major than 16 years. It is believed that more than 11.000 persons, between professionals and persons linked straight to the sector, will visit the fair.

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