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C4 Sedan Edict of the year 2009

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The Magazine Mil Autos chose the Citroën C4 Sedan “Edict of the year 2009”, in the last edition dela magazine that was published in December, 2008.

As every year, the magazine assembled the cars most representative of the market, what has turned in an event of major impact for the automotive industry. The C4 Sedan was chosen Edict of the Year 2009 between the members of the jury, consisted of the journalists of the magazine who proved the car, and of the readership, who could do his selection Route the Web page of Mil Autos.

C4 Sedan is the third silhouette of the family C4. It presents a major serviceability with his interior space and the capacity of the 513 Liters porter what turns it in a reference inside his segment. His soft and dynamic lines simultaneously do that it is the perfect car for every life style.

The magazine stood out the fact that it should be a car of high level of comfort and of safety, in addition to his hardiness and structure, successful balance of the suspensions and a quality of construction that is reflected in the absolute absence of internal noises after real "maltreatments" to which no rational user would submit the car and finally his yield turns an exclusive car.

This new award joins the already obtained ones in the year 2006 with Citroën C4 and in the year 2003 with Xsara Picasso.

This way, Citroën turns in a mark of high prestige self-propelled inside the national market, and sample his presence inside the best models with the C4 Sedan.

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