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Ondelios, the new green Concept of Renault

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Especially thought for those who enjoy the trips of long distance and are sensitive to the comfort and to the refinement. Ondelios symbolizes the vision of a tall cross-over of scale as Renault: the pleasure of traveling in a comfortable way, respecting the environment. A determined bet that expresses itself across an aerodynamic design, an excellent interior equipment and an unpublished hybrid motorization. It will be presented in the World Lounge of the Motorcar of Paris.

With a 4,80 meters length and a height of 1,60 m, Ondelios offers a high aerodynamic yield inspired by the aviation.

Along with an air entry with similar aspect aluminum, the optical blocks evoke the same way the fluency and the movement. The projectors work with the help of diodes electro luminescent of high services and that offer simultaneously major duration and efficacy.

To illustrate the aerodynamic spirit of Ondelios, the backlights of type "boomerang" that are part of the bodywork, they lead extractors destined to balancing the aerodynamic current that comes from the pasaruedas.

The crystal structure of the roof reinforces the air aspect of the vehicle, allowing that the natural light between inside. The windshield descends up to a low level under the hood, accentuating the light effect in Ondelios.

The side doors of Ondelios, of type butterfly, add an elegance touch in the style of the car. They are composed of an important glazed surface, rise vertically while the low part of the frame opens down, favoring the entry in the vehicle.

The dark blue “” color of the bodywork is in perfect harmony with the dyed glazing. This gives him a homogeneous and pretty aspect matter to the whole structure of the concept-car.

The top part of the rear large door confirms the aerodynamics of the concept-car. The lens, outlined, slides inside the car to condition the interior temperature and to allow the ventilation of the cockpit.

Placed on rims of 7 arms of aluminum and 23 inches, Ondelios shows an outlined image. As if it was a plane helix, the design of the rims allows to direct the airflow to the sides of the bodywork avoiding this way the aerodynamic turbulencies. This wheel concept with suction axis has been possible thanks to the adoption of peripheral disc brakes.

The tires Michelin Pilot Sport (255/40) of big diameter, with an accented design, guarantee excellent aerodynamics and count with carved designed to minimize the distortions on having rested on the soil. With this one helps to diminish the resistance to the advance of the vehicle.

Together with the aerodynamics work, some elements of the structure of Ondelios have been realized by natural fibres by means of linen, to favor his recycling. To achieve the minor possible weight of the vehicle, the bodywork is of carbon and the crystal is of poli carbonate. Ondelios is equipped with a hybrid motorization consisted of a version promoted to 205 cv with the engine 2.0 dCi, associated with two placed electrical engines respectively ahead and behind the car. These electrical engines of 20 kW each one work in function “soft hybrid”, that is to say, in complement of the thermal engine. They use a well-known technology as “brake and bost” of energy recovery in the braking phases to help to the thermal engine in the acceleration phases. The front engine is, also, of the type “Stop and Start”.

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