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Alpha Romeo presented to the Myth in Buenos Aires

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The Alpha Romeo MiTo, “Edict Europe 2009”, minicompact sports that for the beauty of his lines and his high mechanical and technological services it has turned into an event in Italy, in other European squares and in the diverse regions of the world to which it is coming, was presented officially in the Republic Argentina.

The version of Myth that has come to the Argentina, and for the first time to the American Southern Cone, has the maximum equipment that offers itself in Europe, manual box of six marches and motive turbocharger naftero that delivers a potency of 155 CV; acceleration from 0 to 100 Km/h in 8,0 seconds and 215 Km / h maximum speed

The award “Edict Europe 2009” was awarded to the Myth by the Italian Union of Journalists of the Motorcar (Uiga), that every year, from 1987, grants this distinction to the motorcars made and commercialized in Europe that more stand out for his combination of technology and esthetics.

This innovative model 4,06 m long, 1,72 m wide and 1,44 m high, also has been distinguished by his safety devices, turning into the first compact vehicle that receives the maximum punctuation (6 Stars) Euro NCAP of safety.

The name Myth evokes two cities in which Alpha Romeo strengthened his history: Milan, where the signature was born, the world capital of the design and next to the historical Center Stile Alfa Romeo where one gave him form and volume to this motorcar, and Torino, where the industrial development materializes.

In the presentation of the Myth in Buenos Aires, realized in a distinguished club deprived of the quarter of Belgrano, in which a warm Italian ambience was breathed, there were present managers of Fiat Group Automobiles S.p. A., proprietary company of Alpha Romeo that is in a moment of frank expansion in the world; Dr. Cristiano Rattazzi, president of Fiat Argentina; managers of Alpha Romeo Brasil, and Juan Manuel Díaz, designer of the Center Stile Fiat Group Automobiles, Argentine professional who led the team responsible for the architecture of the design of the external lines of the Myth.

The event organized by Center Milan S.A., exclusive Alpha representative Romeo for the Argentina and the Uruguay, was provided with the participation of 350 persons, between them numerous personalities of diverse ambiences of the Argentina as the business world, the politics, the sport, the art and the spectacle.

The Center president Milan, Carolina Belcastro, made sure that the Myth “is a special car for a segment of the market that has access to products Premium and that values the exclusivity, the design and the technological avant-garde”.

“The Myth speaks himself. Alpha is last Romeo who has been produced and synthesizes all the virtues that did of the mark a distinction stamp in the world: a design as only the Italians they can achieve, elegance and sportsmanship, comfort and high services with technological supports that they locate it in the best place between the cars of his segment”, he affirmed.

Typical of the Myth

The minicompact sports Myth is a prodigy of design and technology, a perfection synthesis Alpha Romeo. It represents the most evolved expression of the style “Made in Italy”. Named to compete on the market of the mini sports premium, the Myth has woken up in Europe the passion that characterizes the alfistas and has concentrated the attention of those who consider the technology and the durability, conditions that Alpha does not resign after his permanent search of the perfect interior and exterior lines.

Thought for young publics of attitude, dynamic, social and distinguished Alpha Romeo upsets again with the Myth, another synthesis of style, comfort and bravery of design. The roar of potency of his engine promotes adrenaline; his exterior lines are on the borders of the beauty and the creativity and the interiors denote an indisputable personality. Up to the details with more style they reach the best services.

The price of commercialization of the Alpha Romeo Mito, only available in bodywork of 3 doors, is 28.200 euros and he is provided with a guarantee of 2 years without mileage limit.

The demand of the Myth overcomes to the offer

To only 20 days of the arrival to the Argentina of the innovator Alfa Romeo MiTo, Edict Europe 2009, the units reservations have overcome to the immediate possibilities of delivery, they answering of such form in the country what has happened with the aggregate demand of the product. Alpha Romeo Argentina will receive step by step up to approximately 100 units of the Myth in the next months, including the first already received shipments. To the date the company has registered approximately 80 reservations and she is compromising deliveries for the first months of next year.

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