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Koleos, the first Crossover 4×4 of Renault Argentina

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Renault Argentina presented Koleos, his first Crossover of the history. Ideal to escape of the daily routine, Renault Koleos is comfortable, of easy conduction and he demonstrates a real capacity off road. It was designed to be versatile, both in the city, and in routes or freeways or out of the ways. Renault Koleos also offers the same standard of comfort for that one expects from a sedan, and a big space in the cabin I deign of a compact monovolume.

Designed by Renault developed by Nissan and made of the plant of Renault Samsung Motors in Busan, Korea, Renault Koleos is the fruit of a nearby collaboration between teams of each of these marks of the Alliance Renault Nissan. Renault Koleos was thrown commercially in our country last January 26.

The throwing of Koleos marks a decisive step in the development of the mark in the country. The presentation of his first Crossover 4×4 is a clear sign that Renault has the aptitude to approach segments in which traditionally it has been absent.
Renault Koleos offers the only standard of safety and comfort, parameters that they transformed into a recognized Renault stamp.

With the Koleos, Renault Argentina presents his first Crossover 4×4, a vehicle dedicated to the life outdoors. This new model combines the efficacy of a chassis with integral haulage, the dynamic line of a sedan and the habitability of a monovolume.

Renault provided Koleos of all the necessary genes to travel in the best conditions and to facilitate his use: a suspension of high level, an excellent visibility with a low board and a door of the double trunk to facilitate his opening.

New Renault Koleos is equipped with an engine 2.5 liters that a potency of 170 develops cv and a torque of 226 Nm. It will be offered by a manual box of 6 speeds or a transmission CVT of 6 speeds.

The throwing of a Crossover 4×4 test that Renault continues with his offensive product and completes his offer with an unpublished model in the history of the mark. Renault Koleos proposes also, a technology 4×4 proved, the experience Renault on the subject of safety, the modularity and the serviceability Renault with services of high scale similar to Lagoon III.

The first Crossover 4×4 of Renault has the ambition of placing itself from his throwing between the best of his category in quality terms of product and service guaranteeing a coverage identical to that of the vehicles of high scale Renault.

This management registers in a strategy of fidelización and of conquest of new clients of the mark: to accelerate the presence of Renault on the national markets and to develop the sales of vehicles of top categories, reinforcing the essential values of the mark: serviceability, an intuitive design, and modularity.

Available colors:
- Sporty Silver
- Flock
- Metallic Black

- Koleos 2.5L Expression USD 30.900.-
- Koleos 2.5L Dynamique Manual USD 40.130.-
- Koleos 2.5L Dynamique Automática CVT USD 44.700.-

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