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New Renault Symbol, the design of an elegant sedan

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Renault presents the new Renault Symbol, a vehicle produced in his factory Santa Elizabeth, of the city of Cordova, Argentina. For the industrialization of this new model Renault he invested in his plant 200 millions in weight. This way, he keeps on betting Santa Elizabeth, his factory that produces motorcars for 53 years of an uninterrupted way.

The lines of this berlin tricuerpo suggest refinement and elegance. His luxurious front stands out with the design of his lighthouses and the broiler underlined by chromium. In his rear part, the lines show hardiness and suggest a high status level, while the interior is comfortable and is especially elegant.

New Renault Symbol possesses a scale of engines of last generation that combine performance and fuel efficiency. Both the engines Diesel and naphtha are between the best in fuel consumption: only 4,2 litros/100 km (to 90 km/h) with the engine 1.5 dCi of 65 cv and 5,6 litros/100 km (to 90 km/h) with the engine 1.6L 16v of 106 cv.

New Renault Symbol marks a quality of life standard on board and trip comfort. The group motopropulsor is the same used in Mégane II, Kangoo 2, Logan and Sandero, which is recognized by his excellent balance between comfort and adhesion in route. The passengers also will enjoy a calm handling in a cabin perfectly soundproof. The thermal comfort also was studied to answer in a correct way in extreme climates.

The wide trunk (506 dm3) is practical and he answers to the different needs for the everyday life: holidays in family, professional use or a weekend. This sedan does not also have problems with the safety, since it guarantees an ideal protection for all his occupants.

New Renault Symbol has strong arguments to seduce the families of Argentina and of America. This new car marks the renewal of the vehicles tricuerpo with Renault. The commercial throwing will be in Argentina 1ero of February, 2009.

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