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Effective and serene, this way is the Citroen DS3

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Last January, CITROËN announced an unpublished proposal: the throwing of a scale of distinctive models, named by the mark DS, which they will accompany to those of the conventional scale. Now, CITROËN announces the DS3, the first model of this distinctive line, which orders will be able to begin to be realized from the Lounge of Frankfurt, and which is located in the segment of the C3.

The DS3 fulfills all the requisites to be part of the distinctive scale of CITROËN. His line stems from that of Concept Car DS Inside, which has been an object of numerous praises on the part of the specializing press and the public who could have admired it in the different European lounges of the motorcar of the present year. His style is exclusive, since the DS3 is conceived so that the client could design it up to the last detail. His dynamic behavior is the result of the search on the part of the mark of a combination of efficacy and serenity. The DS3 has been conceived by the target that it is polyvalent and agreeably of using in any situation. Also, CITROËN has added a specific services offer, CITROËN FREEDRIVE, which will allow to the client, for example, to be provided with a replacement vehicle during the maintenance of his DS3.

The world throwing is foreseen by the middle of 2010.

Pret to porter

From a stylistic point of view, they are of emphasizing certain original creations as the "floating" roof, which does not rest on any prop of the side street of the vehicle, a fin “of shark”, that invigorates the line of waist of the bodywork, or the lights of type LED, placed in his hood. On the other hand, to achieve the merger of elegance, technology and quality has been the target that CITROËN had marked in the design of the interior of the DS3. His sophisticated instrumentation - with a picture of instruments of 3 conical quadrants - the managers of conduction next to the driver, one the conduction position goes down and the surrounding seats, they resemble the cabin of a plane (cockpit). The chrome materials come to heighten the dynamism of the ambience, contributing to the set elegance and distinction. Also, the DS3 lodges in his interior a Hi-fi system, worthy of the systems of lounge of last generation.

But everything previous only constitutes a base on which each one can design the car of his sleep. CITROËN, conscious of that the motorcar constitutes, as the clothes, the projection of our personality, offer the possibility that each one designs the DS3 to his measurement. Therefore, it offers a big possibilities variety to form it. Roof, bodywork, casing of the rear-view mirror or wheels, are exterior areas personalizables, which allow to do of the DS3 a vehicle to the image and to the taste of every owner. On board, the band of the picture of instruments, the knob of the gearshift and other interior elements can dress themselves in numerous colors, textiles or materials. To increase moreover his singular character, there offer themselves 7 universes of personalización innovators, who reflect the last tendencies and life styles. This way, in his throwing, there will be offered four subject-matters of decoration, which will be able to be applied, with light touches, in the bodywork and the cockpit: Maori, Étnico, Wave and Fashion.

Energy in movement

In the highway, one has looked that the DS3 combines taste of conduction and use comfort for every day. Agile and energetic, the DS3 "brings" the driver near to the highway to chain curves and turns with gentleness. For Vincent Besson, the director of Products and Markets of PSA, “to lead the DS3 is like having the wheels in the top of the fingers”. His living behavior makes him entertained of driving, offering at the same time a control and a safety at the highest level. The comfort on board is located at a level never reached till now in this type of vehicles.

With an offer that begins, according to countries, in 99 g/km, the level of emission of CO2 of the DS3 is coherent with the leadership medoambiental of CITROËN. The DS3 will count with five motorizaciones Euro V: two HDi FAP, of 110 and 90 CV, and three of gasoline, with the THP 150, the VTi 120 and the VTi 95.

In the DS3, there has been realized an outstanding work of optimization of the weight, supported on a new scheme of development, guarantee of hardiness. Made of France, of the industrial facilities of Poissy, he takes advantage of the set of innovative bets of the system of production PSA Peugeot Citroën, whose target is to achieve the maximum quality.

Innovative architecture

The DS3 innovates revealing also a vocation of polyvalent berlin, which his bodywork does not allow to presage easily. To exploit to the maximum his 3,95 m long, 1,71 m wide and 1,46 m high, it is provided with a particularly intelligent architecture: the dashboard is sobreelevado to optimize the space at a height of the legs, while the thin seats and the rear line in the shape of break favor the rear space. The DS3 offers 5 real squares, hollow multiple microscope slides, between them a glove compartment of 13 l, as well as a wide porter of 285 l, modulable thanks to a folding stool 2/3-1/3.

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