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For admin · 27.04.08 · Category: Technology, Last News, Videos, Volkswagen parkch The car that he parks to remote controlThe ingenious Volkswagen minds decided that the system of assistance to the parking that we know was not sufficient, and this way they have announced a better solution: Park Assist Vision (PAV).

With this system, the vehicle can slide automatically on any available space, perform already parallel or perpendicular form. Even more, it is not even necessary to be in the frill so that that happens, since the PAV is provided with a series of cameras and ultrasonic sensors that do all the work. When a place is, it is selected on the tactile screen of the vehicle, the change puts itself in Park, already below of the car the activation button is pressed in the turnkey and I list. Once parked, the motorcar extinguishes the engine, blocks doors and raises the windows.

It looks like a science fiction but it it is not. The vehicle will remain completely parked in only 15 seconds.

Video demonstration:

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