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Ford iosis MAX: the monovolume of the future

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Ford Motor Company presented, in the Lounge of the Motorcar of Geneva 2009, the iosis MAX third in the series of concept cars iosis Kinetic Design. This model is a new step of the company in his development of conceptual vehicles like part of a process of study for the new generation of compact monovolumes Ford's (MAV).

The iosis MAX presents spectacular exterior designs and interiors based on the forms kinetic design of Ford, being a compact and dynamic vehicle that delivers new levels of efficiency and flexibility.

The showy aspect of the vehicle is complemented by innovative solutions that reinforce his functionality and his environmental services, including new concepts in doors opening, the use of light materials, an aerodynamic advanced post, and a preview of the development for Europe of the technology of engines nafteros global EcoBoost de Ford.

Exciting and dynamic design

As all the vehicles kinetic design, the aspect of the iosis MAX transmits “energy in movement” across his stylized presence and strong surface.

The team of design thought about how to create an impression of agility and efficiency, which was obtained across the slender, sports and aerodynamic profile of the concept, which offers a clear contrast with the approach type “box“ adopted as many vehicles in the segment of the compact MAV.

“The iosis MAX takes the central elements of the kinetic design and extends them at a new level, with a completely fresh execution that not only is elegant and innovative, but also it is functional”, tells Stefan Lamm, designer chief of location of Ford Europa.

Agile, of low consumption and low emission

Between the innovations presented in this concept they are his motorizaciones, which incorporates efficient technologies that try to get in the future to the vehicles Ford, to demonstrate how there can be obtained low consumptions and low emission of CO2 without compromising other services of the vehicle.

This concept car counts with an engine naftero 1.6 liters of four cylinders and 180 CV of the new family EcoBoost de Ford. The engines EcoBoost have turbo-compressor and technology of direct injection to offer a few consumptions even 20 per cent better than the engines nafteros conventional with similar potency.

The engine EcoBoost of 1.6 liters of the iosis MAX is even more optimized by the use of a new system Edict-Start-Stop de Ford, an intelligent alternator and an automated manual box Ford PowerShift of double clutch and six speeds with relations to measurement to offer a maximum efficacy of consumption.

“The iosis MAX marks the new step in the evolution of the kinetic design and there presents a series of technologies of engines nafteros accessible that will mark the difference for the environment and for the pockets of our clients”, says Martin Smith, executive director of Design of Ford Europa.

The environmental sustentabilidad of the concept contributes the use of light materials and thanks to the careful attention of his aerodynamic design; the optimized form of the bodywork and the details including the props of the rear doors, the advanced design of the later aileron, the rear diffuser, the narrow tires and the active captures of air of refrigeration front that close when they are not necessary.


The first concept car iosis presented before himself in the Lounge of the Motorcar of Frankfurt in September, 2005, and his name was pointing to like a new and dynamic form of language, call “kinetic design”.

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