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Advance of the first crossover of Dodge

For admin · 03.11.08 · Category: Gallery of images, Innovations, Last News dodgejourney Advance of the first crossover of Dodge

Before his official presentation on our market, Dodge does an advance to us of how it is his new crossover: "it is so practical as a monovolúmen, it has the capacity of a utilitarian sports vehicle (SUV) and the general efficacy of a berlin, they synthesize. Diego Vignati, General Manager of Chrysler Argentina, extends: "it combines the best attributes of diverse segments of market in a novel model crossover with a bold, typical design of the mark, of big versatility, safety and reliability. I am sure that it will dazzle many of the clients of the competitive segment of the monovolumes, and will attract consumers of other segments like the relative, who want to enjoy of handling a vehicle, but simultaneously they need a major space and modularity.”

It will be commercialized by nafteros engines and automatic box: the 2.4 liters one of 4 cylinders in line and another V6 2.7 l in versions SXT and R/T. The version with the latter engine incorporates the gearbox of continuous progression into electronic control and Autostick.

The Journey mounts two options of configuration of squares to balance the needs of the buyers. All the models come with capacity for 5 squares, although the version 5+2 (5 squares with option to other 2) is free in the models SXT and R/T.

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