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The favorite cars of the Argentinians

Written for admin • May 25th, 2009 • Category: Statistics, Ultimas Noticias

The effects of this damned crisis are accentuated on the self-propelled market of our country. This affirmation is sustained in the last report of the Concessionaires' Association of Edicts of the Republic Argentina (Bring face to face), which it revealed that the fourth month of the year it was the worst in what goes of 2009 for the market, [...]

The surest cars of 2008

Written for admin • Dec 21st, 2008 • Category: Statistics, Seguridad Vial, Last News

For the second time in the Argentina the surest cars of the year were chosen. This time, between the models that appeared and went on sale in 2008. It is a clear CESVI recognition to the companies that work to improve and to raise the safety standards of the vehicles.
With this recognition it is looked [...]

China is already the third cars manufacturer in the world

Written for admin • May 4th, 2008 • Category: Statistics, Ultimas Noticias

The growth of the Chinese market has been surprising in the last years. Of last 2007 there were made in that country 8.88 million units, of which 6.38 millions were passengers' vehicles and 2.5 remaining millions, commercial vehicles. These numbers mean an increase of 22.02 % with with regard to 2006.
China stays after [...]

20 models most sold in 2007

Written for adminEne 27th, 2008 • Category: Statistics

During last year, the sales of motorcars in Argentina grew 26 % as regards 2006, a very important number, reaching a whole of 566.995 units. Marks like VW, Chevrolet, Ford and Renault posicionan like the marks that more units have commercialized.
The most demanded models have been:

VW Goal 49.377
Corsican Chevrolet 48.675
Peugeot 206 28.723
Renault [...]

In 2010 they will roll 1.000 million vehicles

Written for adminEne 27th, 2008 • Category: Statistics

Billion vehicles will be those who will roll about the streets of the world in 2 years, in accordance with the numbers offered by the signature of investigations R.L.Polk that predicted this increase by the end of the current decade.
This increase will produce in spite of the vertinginoso increase of the cost of the oil, and the measurements to itself for [...]

October, the best month of the history

Written for admin • November 12th, 2007 • Category: Statistics

The vehicles manufacture in the Argentina registered an interannual increase of 30,5 % in October, to 55.280 units, and it accumulates in the year an expansion of 26,3 per cent The cars production added in last October 55.280 vehicles, what indicates a progress of 30,5 % in the manufacture with regard to equal space of [...]

Most sold of the month

Written for adminAgo 20th, 2007 • Category: Statistics

During July the sales of motorcars in Argentina reached a record for the month and also it has turned into the best period of the year.
Next, the numbers:

Renault Kangoo 1.546
Toyota Hilux 1.404
Ford Ranger 1.315
Peugeot Partner 899
Chevrolet S10 870
Citroën Berlingo 686
Fiat Fiorino 349
VW Saveiro 324
Ford F100 289
Renault Master's degree 286

TOP [...]

June: production and sales in ascent

Written for admin • July 15th, 2007 • Category: Statistics

With regard to the vehicles production there has registered a rise of 4,9 % with regard to May and an increase of 32,7 % in relation to the same month of last year. Comparing the first six months of 2007, with equal period of 2006, the increase was 30,2 %. On the other hand, it represents the best month of [...]

The best month of the history

Written for adminFeb 17th, 2007 • Category: Statistics

In January, 2007 it marked a record (overcoming the peak of 1995) with 82.227 units, which meant a growth of 24,3 per cent as regards the same period of last year. As for the ranking there were several surprises and one of them gave Renault. The Clio stood out climbing five positions and gained access to the second one [...]

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