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Fiat throws new versions of the Cloak

For admin · 19.09.09 · Category: Fiat, Restyling, Last News 339 h=x fiatpalio1 Fiat throws new versions of the Cloak 340 h=x fiatpalio2 Fiat throws new versions of the Cloak 341 h=x fiatpalio3 Fiat throws new versions of the Cloak

From the current month, in the lounges of sales of the concessionaires' network the New Cloak MY appears 2010 with a more modern style and a more finished scale.

The changes produced with regard to the current model are the following ones:

• New hood with projectors bi parable
• New frames chromed in grill radiator and accommodation of lighthouses of depth
• New later lighthouses
• New Instruments picture black fund
• Automatic windshield wiper (on having connected the windshield washer)
Temporizador of interior light
• Automatic bootblack - rear window washer (on having connected reverse gear with windshield wiper working)

The New Cloak ELX 1,4 MY 2010 adds a new version of entry in bodyworks of 3 and 5 doors, with contents aligned to those that his competitors of the segment offer.

• Air conditioning
• Power steering
• Rear headrests
• Rear-view mirrows with manual internal command
• Tachometer
• Third Stop light
• Fiat Code
• Radio AM/FM CD MP 3
Abordo computer
• Rear safety belts inerciales

To these versions of revenue of the Cloak ELX 1,4 there will be able to be added the following optional packs (only in versions 5 doors):

Pack Active that it includes:
Front electrical Alzacristales
Centralized closing of doors
Depth headlights
Rear seat divided bi 1/3 2/3
Burglar alarm
Handles of doors and external rear-view mirrows color bodywork

Pack Emotion that includes Pack Active more:
Wheels of light alloy
External mirrors electrical internal control
Air bag conductive and passing
Radio AM/FM CD MP3 front detachable and entry USB

With the modifications earlier mentioned the scale of offer of the models Palio ELX 1,4 and Cloak 1,8 R MY the public has left 2010 shaped of the following way with the current prices to the date:

Cloak ELX 1,4 MY 2010
3 doors $46.050.-
5 doors $47.550.-

Pack Active (only 5 p) $1.900.-

Pack Emotion (only 5p) $5.600.-

Cloak 1,8 R MY 2010
5 doors $57.800.-

Optional free:
ABS $2.200.-

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