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Like that will be Ford Kuga, the most recent exponent of Kinetic Design in Argentina

For admin · 20.09.09 · Category: Ford, Last News 338 x fordkuga1 This way will be Ford Kuga, the most recent exponent of Kinetic Design in Argentina

Ford Argentina develó Ford Kuga, an exponent of Kinetic Design in the segment of the Crossover. It will be commercialized in our country in February, 2010.
New Ford Kuga is the Ford's last incursion on the competitive market of the crossover. It is made exclusive of Ford's plant in Saarlouis, Germany presented of progressive form in the whole Europe during the year 2008.
The origins of the Kuga are located in the concept car Ford's Iosis X, which appeared in the Lounge of the Motorcar of Paris of 2006.
One emphasizes in this vehicle the excellent conduction dynamics in route and the big efficacy out of her. There has deserved the award NCAP 5 stars, maximum award that it is possible to obtain in Europe on the subject of safety.
The distinctive exterior design, the acclaimed dynamics of conduction and the highest quality of product are alone some of the characteristics that the Kuga will take to this segment of the market, which is in rapid growth.
New Ford Kuga is based on the famous architecture of the models of the segment C of Ford, extensively proved on Ford Focus. With the Kuga, the designers and engineers have managed to integrate key requisites for drivers and passengers of this segment with a new typical design.
The exterior is sports and attractive, what demonstrates how the flexible language ‘Kinetic Design‘ of the mark can be applied successfully in the segment of the crossover.
Balanced good and with good proportions, the dynamic Kuga offers a spacious cockpit for driver and passengers based on a compact platform. An interior of high quality has been designed to complement the exterior attraction and to offer a modern and very practical vehicle. These elements of design, combined with the new systems of conduction and the proven motorization, are a clear invitation so that the clients feel the difference.
Ford Kuga is a festival for the senses and he has been designed and constructed by attention in all the details. They have designed and constructed all the aspects of the Kuga to produce positive emotional answers of the driver and his passengers.
The ambience created by the integrated and fluid design that there was showing Iosis X original Concept has been heightened in the model in series.
The modern and charismatic Kuga is one more test of the new direction that Ford is taking with his new products. A fresh and modern design is the starting point, while the nucleus of the car fulfills all the expectations of the clients, a little that is obtained across the recognized dynamics of Ford's conduction, with a competitive equipment of safety and a high level of quality.
The muscular and tense lines are a crucial part of our 'Kinetic Design' but nevertheless we have demonstrated with vehicles as the new Focus, Mondeo, S-MAX, that every Ford's model keeps on having its own extract.
The elements of 'Kinetic Design' in the Kuga get together to reinforce our philosophy of ‘energy in movement’. The powerful concept and the bold design melt to give to the car a movement impression, even when it is arrested.
The vehicles that will be commercialized in the Argentina include the system of 'intelligent' Entire Haulage (AWD) that distributes the turning moment between the front and rear axis in a variable proportion as the needs for haulage.
The motorization will be naftera Duratec 2.5 liters turbocharger and 5 cylinders delivering 200 CV and there will be offered two alternatives of boxes of transmission, manual of 6 speeds and Sequential automation "5Tronic" of 5 speeds.
Standard equipment of high level in all the versions that ESP includes with Extenuation of the Risk of Vuelco (ARM), ABS with Electronic Control of the Distribution of the force of Braking (EBD) and button of starter ‘Ford Power‘.

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