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Audi renews his logo and celebrates his 100 years

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The visitors of the 63rd International Lounge of the Motorcar of Frankfurt (IAA) are going to have the privilege of being present at an extraordinary premiere from September 15. To the margin of the international throwing of a good number of technical innovations, AUDI AG will reveal the last evolution of four hoops, in his stand of the sample of this year. More advanced and current than his predecessor, the new Audi logotype raises the extract of the mark up to the height of his key message: To the avant-garde of the skill.

Audi has made possible that his clients could experience the slogan “To the avant-garde of the skill” for themselves, with technical innovations as the entire haulage quattro, the design of light construction by means of aluminum or the technology diesel of high efficiency. For the first time, the target of the mark now gets together with his corporate image, four hoops, in the different versions of the new logo. The hoops keep on being the central element, although his appearance is now more current, the modification of his surface and his new profile.

The new typography “Audi Type“ also is part of the evolution of the Corporate Design of Audi. It arose from an international contest of typography and ride being already used from beginning of this year. The target was to improve the singular character of the typography of Audi, skylight, minimalista and technician.

The code of colors of Audi, used in all the corporate communication, also has evolved and it will be used in an even more rigorous way with the new Corporate Design. As principal tone, the silver aluminum represents the capacity of technological innovation and the agility in the design, one of the principal capacities of Audi and one of the most important technologies of future that it placed to the mark in a privilege position.

Audi is most advanced of the marks premium”, affirms Peter Schwarzenbauer. “This orientation towards the future is present in our genes and now, owing to the Centenary of Audi, has turned also partly of the logo of our mark”.

From September, the new logo will be of immediate application in all the communication, from the conventional publicity, the publications and the dossieres of press up to the patronage and the web site of Audi. The logo re-designed could already meet in the celebration of the 100th Anniversary of the mark. And it will be introduced in the international ambience for the first time owing to the International Lounge of the Motorcar of Frankfurt. There will crown the white, red and black stand of AUDI AG, who includes 6.000 square meters and has been designed by the target to reflect the characteristic architecture "terminal" type of Audi.

Official web site: Special 100 years

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