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Conducí you I cut”: the second contest of road safety Peugeot

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After the first edition of last year, Peugeot already threw the bases and conditions to take part of the 2nd Contest of Road Safety, assined to students of secondary schools of the whole country, which takes as an end to reflect on the transit accidents by means of the messages making on the community.

For this second edition and under the motto Conducí you I cut, the self-propelled one proposes to the pupils the production of a brief video that he invites to take conscience on road attitudes responsab1les for the transit accident prevention.

The bases and conditions of the contest can be consulted in the Web

The term to present the works finishes on September 30 and at the end of October there will meet the winners - chosen by a specializing jury and by the public - who will receive different awards and mentions. The proposal of Peugeot Argentina consists of the fact that pupils of 3 ° to 5 ° year of secondary and of 1 ° to 3 ° of polymodal, of groups and with the coordination of a teacher, prepare a history choosing one of four axes of reflection: Time, Excesses, Distractions and Oversights. “Our target is to go a step further away in the conventional ways with which the knowledge of road safety is transmitted usually”, told Stéphane Levi, marketing manager of Peugeot Argentina.

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