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Month of the Road Safety: "Opening Sure Ways”

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On June 10 there was celebrated the National Day of the Road Safety, since in the same date, but of the year 1945 the sense of the transit changed, since up to this moment the arranging of the transit was for the left hand, as it it is in England. But from this day it was for the right hand, as it it is today in almost all the places of the world.

Nevertheless on this important day, the reflection must take us that it happens to us with the road safety, that it is been right, that it is not done, how is life and that it might improve. It is known that the Argentina is sadly the country, in which there are more transit accidents, and in which immediately after this more people die.

In the frame of the program “Opening Sure WaysCesvi and Citroën develops the program to qualify thousands of Argentinians in road prevention across courses of defensive handling, chats of road education, tips of recommendations and report of routes.

In this first delivery the handling positions are tackled:

A suitable handling position saves lives

30,9 % of the claims realized to the insurers for the drivers and occupants of vehicles has like diagnosis Cervicalgia, product of the cervical lashes. Compromised with the road safety, CESVI and CITROËN analyze the importance of a correct place and position inside the vehicle and recommend how you must make yourself comfortable to travel always surely.

An investigation realized by CESVI ARGENTINA threw that, in 2008, 30,9 % of the claims realized to the insurance companies as the drivers and occupants of vehicles takes lash as a diagnosis Cervicalgia, the most common of the injuries provoked by the effect. That's why the correct handling position has not to do only with the serviceability of the driver but, also, it affects straight to the passive safety. Then, it is fundamental that all the elements linked to the conduction are regulated correctly. Once sat in the vehicle, CITROËN and CESVI recommend how you must make yourself comfortable to travel always surely.

To regulate correctly the armchair, the driver must be able to tread thoroughly on the pedal of the clutch and his leg must stay slightly flexionada. The support must adapt itself so that the inclination of the driver is as perpendicular as possible and supports a distance of at least 25 centimeters with regard to the frill. To verify this distance, it is necessary to stretch the arms over the frill without detaching the back of the seat, and the dolls have to be able to fall down on the top sector, without having to realize any effort.
The accompanist must accommodate his armchair being located as remote as possible of the area of the board.

The center of this safety device must be on a par with the imaginary line of the eyes and regulated of such form that the most next thing to the head stays.

The top band must happen between the shoulder and the neck, that is to say, for the clavicle; while the abdominal band must happen below the waist on the bones of the hip (treating that the points of rest in the body are rigid bony structures).
The belt must never be twisted.
The tape must never happen over objects (like the cell phone or a birome), since before an impact they might lodge in the body and cause serious injuries.

To place the hands in the equivalent to the hands of the clock when they mark the ten and ten.
The thumbs must not seize completely the frill but they must be supported on the front of the same one, to facilitate the mobility in case of a risky maneuver.

To open the mirrors the possible maximum thing without losing the reference of our vehicle, to gain visual largeness backwards and, this way, to diminish the blind angle.


It must be located in half of the lens.

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