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New Renault Master with 2 years of guarantee

For admin · 30.08.09 · Category: Renault, Last News

Renault Argentina becomes strong like historical vans leader for the 25 years in a row and to reaffirm it presents the New Renault Master. With a new interior and exterior design, box of 6ta with command type "joystick", innovates on the market with a guarantee of 2 years or 100.000 km. These changes do of New Renault Master a more modern, comfortable model and performante. Available in three versions of bodywork (Van, Minibús and Chassis Cabin), the line of utilitarian vehicles of Renault is capable of satisfying the needs of independent professionals and small businessmen up to big flotistas and governmental organs.

Esthetic changes
In his exterior, Renault Master is more modern and he has the visual identity of the rest of the vehicles Renault. The principal modifications were realized in the front, with a new hood, a new broiler, new lighthouses and paragolpes. Also, also his interior was modified. The panel has new outlines and it incorporated useful microscope slides. The air conditioning exits happened to be regions and the refrigeration system was taken care especially to support the temperature of the interior of the always equal vehicle.

The changes inside Renault Master are also very significant. The drivers of utilitarian vehicles are accustomed to being a lot of time to the frill, that's why special attention was paid to the comfort. To find a good handling position is easy thanks to the fact that the seat of the driver fits in height. The new gearshift is integrated to the panel to be closer to the driver and this way to liberate more space for the circulation inside the cabin. This one is of type joystick, of 6 marches and offers more precise connections.

To lead the new Renault Master now is a surer task since it is provided with new system ABS with better yield (according to version).

The new model is made by a diesel engine 2.5 dCi 16V, that includes system Common Rail and intercooler and eroga 115 cv and 29,6 kgm of torque. The suspension keeps on taking the hardiness as a principal characteristic and the brakes are to disc in four wheels.

Absolute versatility
In accordance with the specific need of the client, the new Master's degree can be adapted to the most varied requirements. It can turn, for example, into an ambulance or in one they go of tourism for passengers VIPs, with all the comfort items for his occupants.

A wide list of equipments
Anyone is the version or the configuration, new Renault Master is made by entire and partial hydraulic direction of series, digital odometers, seat of the adjustable driver of height, sonorous alert of burning lights, baguetas side color bodywork, levantacristales electrical in front doors (impulsional side of the driver) and projectors with electrical regulation of height, which is an important resource for the safety of the transit, since it allows to regulate the lighthouses in accordance with the weight of the vehicle, preventing the encandilamiento of the drivers who travel in the opposite direction.

Between the list of out-standing equipments the system ABS and airbag is for the driver (series version Minibús) and I remove with CD breeding animal and Mp3 with auxiliary entry and command satelital (all the versions).

New widespread guarantee
Especially thought for the clients of vehicles of work that privilege the excellence of the service of after-sales, new Renault Master offers a widespread guarantee of 2 years or 100.000 km.

List prices:

New Master's degree Van L1H1 pack electrical $ 96.760.-

New Master's degree Van L1H1 pack comfort $ 104.360.-

New Master's degree Van L1H2 pack electrical $ 99.680.-

New Master's degree Van L1H2 pack comfort $ 107.190.-

New Master's degree Van L2H2 pack comfort $ 115.430.-

New Master's degree Van L3H2 pack comfort $ 119.750.-

New Master's degree Chassis Cabin pack comfort $ 99.710.-

New Master's degree Minubus pack luxe $ 138.210.-

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