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Mégane II renews his image

For admin · 02.08.09 · Category: Renault, Restyling, Last News

The Scale 2009 of the models Mégane II They Sedate and Mégane II Grand Tour comes to the market with a renewed exterior and interior aspect. With these evolutions presented in the Scale 2009 of Mégane II, Renault Argentina reinforces even more qualities of both products: safety, comfort and modernity.

At three levels of equipment, Comfort, Luxe and Privilege (Sedan) and Comfort Bonus, Luxe and Privilege (Grand Tour) the scale Renault Mégane II is a clear sign of the worry of the mark for the constant progress of the well-being of the user.

In the exterior the new design of the backlights will be one of the registered marks of the Scale 2009 of the models Mégane II Sedan and Mégane II Grand Tour. In addition to the refined style and aerodynamics, the differences take root in the details that they identify to each of his levels of equipment. The new cups of 15 " I shape “the Bahamas“, for example, they are own of the Comfort. The version Luxe equips with new rims of 16 " called "Tuxedo", while the Privilege does it with also unpublished for Mégane II, Curaçao.

Inside the Scale 2009 of Renault Mégane II equips a new instruments panel with light gray fund that in addition to standing out for his style allows to facilitate the visualization of the board. The carpeting of the seats was replaced with the new some that offer major comfort to the occupants of the vehicle.

Also it received changes in the exits of air conditioning, the gearshift and the handbrake incorporating chrome details. Also, the handles of opening of the doors are chromed from the version Comfort.

At the same time, reader of Mp3 joins for all the equipment levels.

Renault Mégane II Grand Tour also incorporates all the evolutions available for the Sedan and also he adds bars of roof of series in all the versions.

This way, the family Renault Mégane II, one of the leaders of the medium segment, is renewed to be able to keep on offering to his clients a renewed exterior and interior design and to add even more technology and comfort.

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