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Countdown for Chevrolet Agile

For admin · 04.10.09 · Category: Chevrolet, Last News

The arrival of Chevrolet Agile to the Argentine market is increasingly close. In the first October two weeks, the new hatchback will circulate along the streets and routes of the country, fruit of the technology and quality of manufacture of the Industrial Complex General Motors of Rosary, where it is made following the manufacture processes more forward positions of the world.

Chevrolet Agile goes beyond his competition in the segment, innovating in exterior and interior design, functionality, safety and technology. Equipped with a reliable engine 1.4L, now with a new system of electronic gerenciamiento completely developed by General Motors in Brazil, place where the above mentioned vehicle was designed.

Available in three versions – LS, LT and LTZ (new global nomenclature used by Chevrolet) - the Agile was developed by the entire focus in the client, by the target to satisfy the needs of the modern clients in the segment of the hatchbacks.

That's why, the Agile is an exclusive vehicle on the outside and inside. Externally, it brings the new global Chevrolet identity, with a broiler in which one emphasizes a sectional trapezoidal element where there is applied the golden bun, symbol of the mark. The design is modern and diferenciador, giving to the Agile an aspect of crossover and an elegant and dynamic profile.

“The Chevrolet target is to offer the only product to highly demanding clients, persons who look for a vehicle that emphasizes, with exclusive and innovative design, a wide offer of functional elements of series and of comfort, beyond the quality and technology. Or, we think about how to create a finished vehicle, which goes further away that the competition” there emphasizes Jaime Ardila, president of GM Mercosur.

Chevrolet Agile comes to complement the line Chevrolet integrated by the models Spark, Corsican Classic, Corsican, Astra, Aveo, Vectra GT, Vectra Sedán, the pick up S10, the monovolumes Meriva and Zafira, and the utilitarian sports Captiva.

The interior gives sample of quality and refinement, standing out the concept of “double cabin”, which provides an experience different from the driver and accompanist and extends the functionality and sophistication of the model. Also, it incorporates the only offer in the segment as for comfort elements developed to benefit the occupants, making the conduction and the life more pleasant on board of the vehicle.
Everything in Chevrolet Agile is distinctive. His instruments panel, for example, has been designed thinking about a client who looks for exclusivity and innovation.

The panel of the Agile combines digital and analogical instruments, with a new lighting “Hoist Blue” (new identification of Chevrolet), and differentiated effects, where the needles turn out to be hidden with the subdued panel.

The internal part is digital, where the computer functions appear of on board and the warning lights in the low part. The speedometer, the level scoreboard of fuel and the account returns are analogical.

In addition to beautiful and modern, it is "intelligent", since it possesses electronic equipment to transform in a species of “electronic commander” of the vehicle, in addition to interacting with other electrical components of the same one as there it are the brakes ABS.

At present, in the Network of Official Concessionaires Chevrolet there is a presale of this vehicle with throwing prices for those persons who reserve his unit and patent it before October 30.

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